Tutorial: Quickly create borders around your clips

In this tutorial, I show you how to quickly create white, grey or black borders around the clips you overlay in your Shotcut projects. This method only requires one track and three filters per clip.

Watch this short presentation:

If the video is no longer available on Streamable, use this link

Tutorial on YouTube

Subtitles available in:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

For other languages:

  • Activate closed caption on YouTube 2021-08-27_13.41.21
  • Click on Settings chrome_ZD4474uO4n
  • Go to Subtitles and choose English (Canada)
  • Got to Settings / Subtitles / Auto-Translate
  • Choose a language.

My country has banned streamable, I can’t see this video even with the link.

Love that 3d intro, the tutorial was very easy to follow. And adding subtitles is actually a nice method that one would love if they make tutorials.

I skipped some parts of the video, because I am used to that, I will watch the full tutorial someday.

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That link is for the same video, but on YouTube

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Subtitles in various languages will be added soon

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Oh, and I was just clicking on the streamable link.

Amazing tutorial!

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Thank you Ben

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Merci @Musicalbox pour ce tutoriel très instructif.
Je n’aurais jamais pensé qu’il était possible de faire cela avec cette technique.
Les blocs de texte avec barre de progression intégrée sont aussi très originaux.

Thank you @Musicalbox for this very informative tutorial.
I never thought it was possible to do this with this technique.
The text blocks with integrated progress bar are also very original.
Great job! :+1: :clap:

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Merci @Namna

Pas sur que je vais réutiliser ce truc dans un autre tuto. Beaucoup de travail.

@musicalbox - congratulations for a truly outstanding tutorial. Love it! Your presentation is wonderful and so precise. The graphic effects are first-class. From experience of making tutorials I can’t think how many hours it took. An amazing amount of work has gone into this. Bravo. Yes, the time sliders on the text boxes is a great idea, giving the user the expectation of when the box is about to disappear. And I really like having the mouse-click sounds.
I wouldn’t have thought of using the mask filter to create the borders, but it’s an ingenious method and I can’t wait to find time to try this out. Great work! :+1: :+1: :+1:

PS I was surprised you spelled “Grey” the British way (not “Gray”). Is “Grey” the Canadian way too?

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Another awesome tutorial! +1 :+1:

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Thank you @jonray

To be honest, maybe a bit too much work for such a simple effect :grin:
I was almost done with the tutorial almost a week ago, but I kept adding things.
I feel now that a more simpler, straight to the point tutorial may have been preferable for this.
Live and learn :slight_smile:

Being a French Canadian, it’s Gris for me
But I don’t know, grey feels more natural to me than gray.
And according to grammarly.com:

Here’s a tip: Gray is more common in the United States, and grey is more common in the rest of the English-speaking world.

Thanks again.

Thank you @Hudson555x

Not for me … I think it’s the folks who need to be educated that in video editing, even seemingly simple effects take a lot of effort! You did a FANTASTIC job!

Totally agree - grey is far superior than gray :smiley: :smiley:

… and colour, favourite, humour … :wink:

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@musicalbox - how did you make this effect happen? Cool! (watch the bottom right of the YouTube screen. The MB logo moves with my mouse movement)…


This is a YouTube feature. I don’t remember exactly where to go to add this. But once you set it, it will appear on all your videos.
I’m on my phone right now, when I get back on the PC, I’ll email you more infos.

Superb! I echo everything said above, especially about the use of subtitles with a progress bar and all the work that went into editing this. Did you generate the subtitles and other graphics in Shotcut, or from another program, or a combination of both? Regardless, very well done indeed.

But I do have one question: can we get more colors?

Oh, wait, strike that … what I meant to say was, I loved the humor! :slight_smile:

Bonjour et merci pour ce splendide tuto,qui comme à votre habitude est génial.

Thank you @awake.
Everything was done with Shotcut, except the 3D animation at the beginning. I made that part with Bender.