Transition Implementation

Greetings. Thanks for all the work you do on this wonderful product.

I’m aware that a number of suggestions have been put forward for how transitions are managed within Shotcut, so I apologize in advance for yet another one! Of all the editing tasks I use within Shotcut, undo-ing transitions in a complex multi-track edit remains the most painful process. BTW - I have previously used the instructions in Transition undo, but find this quite clumsy.

I had a thought about the current implementation that results in a separate transition clip. My idea was to simply drag apart the original video clips (overlap) to restore the original video clip end and start points (currently the transition remains in place as a separate clip). I thought this could be implemented provided the original video clips start and end points could be retained as part of the transition meta data?

I also wondered generally about the transition implementation where we treat it as a clip. Would it be better to adjust a transition by further dragging (overlapping) the two original video clips? i.e. no longer treating the transition as a separate clip, but as a logical overlap?

Hopefully this makes sense.


I generally agree with your ideas, transistion handling in SC is clumsy and could/should be optimized. Imho its one of the greatest drawbacks of SC. I am not sure about the effort to realize your suggestions, i just hope they can do it. For the moment there are the known workarounds and you should think twice before you do a transition :wink:

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I agree, trying to undo a transition in a multi-track project is fraught with problems. I produced a short video showing how to do it in a single-track situation, but had to include the caveat that for multi-track projects you really have to check everything after the undo to make sure the project is still consistent,

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Thanks for the comments. I don’t wish to put any pressure on the devs - what often seems a simple idea is usually difficult to implement! I’d still use Shotcut irrespective of the transition implementation, and as you say, there are workarounds.

More often than not I do not want to remove or adjust a transition within a well-developed composition by dragging/moving a clip as there are too many consequences. If Ripple is off, then it will likely create or change another transition on the opposite side of the clip. If Ripple is on, then I need to use Ripple All Tracks to keep things in sync but also lock some tracks I do not want affected such as music.

Thanks Dan - I kind of assumed it would be a complex change with far reaching knock on. No worries - the workarounds are sufficient.