Timeline Settings

Dear Friends. I am so sorry to bother you guys with my stupid questions, but I am new to all this and I am feeling so lost. Could you please tell me how to set my timeline settings for best quality video? Also, do I need to do this for every project? or I can save the Timeline settings for all of my projects?
Thank you so much.

There is no single “best” answer. A best practice is to choose a Video Mode that best matches the majority of what your camera creates. The easiest way to do that is to use Video Mode = Automatic and ensure you always start with a video from your (main) camera. Otherwise, if you want to set and forget a predictable Video Mode, then open a video from your camera, and look in Properties. Note, the Resolution and Frame rate. Then, choose the closest match in menu Settings > Video Mode.

Thank you So very much for your help!!!

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