There are missing file in your video project

I just edited a video. My video project had image files and mp4 files and wav audio files. All my files were edited in shotcut according to the requirements and I saved the project. I am getting a pop-up message: There are missing files in your video project. Double-click each line to find the file. At no time do I use this file in my video.


I have had this happen.

The sequence of events which produced it was this:

  1. I had a project which used both unique files and stock footage and images for branding.

  2. For a new project, rather than enter all those stock images and clips into the Playlist, I copied and renamed the old project, opened it, removed the old unique files, and dragged into the playlist the new unique files. Then I saved the project, under its new name.

  3. I edited the new project. Some of the stock items in the playlist went unused, as they had become obsolete.

  4. I exported and saved the project.

  5. Some time later, I cleaned up my folders, removing obsolete files.

  6. Long after that, I re-opened the second project. Shotcut reported files missing. The missing files were unused in the project, they were among those I had purged from folders as obsolete, but they had remained in the playlist.

  7. Lesson I learned: Remove all unused files from the Playlist.

You can just click OK to ignore it. “blank” refers to an empty area in the timeline. Normally, this does not happen, and blanks are not identified as a missing file. I do not know what happened in your case.

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