Text:rich - large scrolling window doesn't register key frames

I am trying to put scrolling words on a song video.
I have pasted the words (many lines) into a Text:rich filter where I made the displayed size of the text so song-lines scroll to the end.
(see green in picture below)
I added a frame filter to only display 3 lines at the bottom.
All this adjustment is because I found no other way to scroll a long text file of song-lines in the lower part of the screen .
The issue I am having is that I clicked key-frames on the text filter to accelerate or slow down the scrolling with key-frame markers (red markup below):

AS SOON as I change focus in the filter window to the other filter (or ANY other click which unfocuses the Text:rich filter) the markers disappear and the key-frame button reverts back from blue to black: all the key-frame info is lost.

Is this a bug ? What can I do to get the job done?

Voici un exemple pour faire défiler les paroles d’une chanson avec Richtext et Mask simple shape.

Here is an example of scrolling through the lyrics of a song with Richtext and Mask simple shape.

Chanson I will survive.mlt (17.9 KB)

C’est normal, les keyframes du filtre d’un clip ne sont affichées que lorsque le clip est sélectionné ainsi que le filtre concerné.
Si vous sélectionnez à nouveau le clip dans la timeline et le filtre dans la fenêtre filtre, les keyframes devraient ré-apparaitre.

This is normal, the keyframes for a clip’s filter are only displayed when the clip is selected and the filter is selected.
If you select the clip again in the timeline and the filter in the filter window, the keyframes should reappear.

What version are you using?

(This sounds like a bug that was fixed several versions back.)

As I said the key-frame information is completely lost. I even tried saving the project while the filter is selected, but when I retrieve it again, there is NO keyframe information at all, just as if I had deleted it by pressing the keyframe initial button and cancelled key-frames.

I am using version 21.02.27 which the program says is the latest

The program should NOT be saying that is the latest.

Did you get this Shotcut directly from Shotcut?
(or is it a build supplied from some other source, such as came with your computer or with your OS?)

As I recall, this is the version which had the problem cancelling Keyframe selections.

Get version 21.03.21

DO NOT get 5.01 (if you read enough posts here, you will know why)
The next version will be better.

For now, stick with 21.03.21

Yes you are right, I must have mistaken with another. Sorry I usually check correctly that I have the latest stable version before posting for help.
When I asked a few minutes ago, it did say:
So I will install 21.03.21 immediately if I can find it, and let you know ASAP.

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I have upgraded to version 21.03.21. And I have opened a new project. Here are the steps I need to see the problem:

  1. I open a Open-other transparent-color object which I place in the Reader list (sorry for approximate names, I work with the french translation).
  2. I place this object into a brand new video track
  3. I insert a new video track and place a 2nd transparent object (from the same object in the reader list) in it too.
    4 I make both tracks (clips) last approx 3 minutes
    5 I insert a filter ‘Rich: text’ in the top one. And I make in scroll towards the top
    6 I take the text from this page (one has to click ‘more’ to get the entire song) and paste it into Notepad to clear it from any formatting, then copy/paste into the SC rich-text window.
    7 I format the font and color to 48 and White
    8 I click the keyframe icon to add the keyframe line in the ‘Position/Dimension’ in the keyframe pane.
    9 I go to the beginning and end of the filter (Alt-left and Alt-right) to adjust the background size to that of the text size
    10 I click the clock at different places to get keyframe markers which I slide to change the text scrolling speed. THis works fine as long as I don’t unfocus the Text filter
    11 I unselect the track in the timeline and select it again and …
    the keyframe info of the rich:text is entirely gone (no markers anymore and no ‘Position/DImension’ line and button is back to normal black)

This works for you ? What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks for your help and time!


Addition: I listed many steps above, but I find all I need is to create an empty text:rich, make it scroll from the bottom, and any keyframe info doesn’t seem to stick past an un-focus of the text:rich filter.
NAMNA above sent me some scrolling text demo, but I was unable to replicate the same…

@brian - is it possible that when you fixed a similar problem in several audio filters that the same problem was lurking in the Rich Text filter?

Quand vous ouvrez avec SC le fichier mlt que j’ai posté auparavant (Post2), fonctionne t’il correctement et voyez-vous les images-clés du filtre Richtext du clip sur V2?

When you open with SC the mlt file I posted before (Post2), does it work correctly and do you see the Richtext filter keyframes from the clip on V2?

Hi Namna. Yes it does work correctly. But I tried to recreate it in another track in same mlt, and failed. But I am not very experienced in SC, even though a computer (network/telecom) person

@Namna I experienced some more with your demo: I can make a new track and copy your filters into it, and even change your text for mine, but if I click scroll from bottom, it resets the keyframe to none, and I cannot get it to stick back.

Pour que l’on soit bien clair, vous cliquez ou exactement (copie d’écran?)

To be clear, you click where exactly (screenshot?)

The stock presets use simple keyframes. You can learn more about the difference between simple and full keyframes in our keyframes tutorial in the tutorials link at the top of this page.

11 I unselect the track in the timeline and select it again and …
… the keyframe info of the rich:text is entirely gone

I did not reproduce.

For me ot’s called ‘Preselection’, drop down list of all Rich effects:

I have reproduced what is being described.

By selecting a Preset, you have changed modes from Advanced Keyframes to Simple Keyframes.

This takes you out of Advanced Keyframe mode, and removes anything done in Advanced to replace it with the now-selected Simple Keyframe mode.

Thanks for the technical information. So all I need now is to know how to do to scroll a large amount of Rich-text without using its scroll Preset ?

I just now taught myself how to do it.

(Disclaimer: I have been reading about it here on the Forum, but wasn’t very interested until now.)

I hope these pictures explain.

Notice the very large numbers in the filter size and position windows.

I didn’t even try to type a very large amount of text in the window; I did a copy-and-paste. (This is the source-code for WordPress…)

It really does scroll.

I usually do my text scrolls by preparing a very tall PNG file with transparency (alpha) in The Gimp, and then move it up with Keyframes on the Size, Position Rotate filter.