Text:rich - Scrolling window doesn’t register key frames (Followup)

Aloha !

After hitting a blank wall myself and reading this post :

Text:rich - large scrolling window doesn’t register key frames

I saw that the conclusion was that this is not a bug but a feature.
When a preset is selected, the “home made” keyframes are gone.
However… something does not sit right with me…

So I have a scrolltext and it scrolls as it should.
But unfortunatly there is no dropshadow possible (? feature request ?)

So I copied the transparent layer with the text in it, changed the color and the opacity of the one in the lower video track and had ShotCut convert the simple keyframes to advanced keyframes and then I changed the X-Y position in the converted keyframes. Text inclusive shadow was perfect… Until I clicked on the lower transparent that holds the shadow.

Goodbyeeeeeeeeeee keyframes

But here is the weird thing. In order to make the shadow appear, I changed the both the X and Y position to X+2 and Y+2. But after ShotCut removes all the keyframes the X-position remains X+2 and Y is reset back to Y ?!?!

In my humble opinion, ShotCut should NOT remove the keyframes. Specially coz it literally asks if you want to convert the keyframes. I think it should change the preset to “Custom” or something like that and keep the keyframes ShotCut made when you said “Yes” to the question :

Confirm Removing Simple Keyframes ?

This will remove all simple keyframes for all parameters.
Simple keyframes will be converted to advanced keyframes.
Do you stil want to do this?


So my workaround was to copy the transparent layer and in the one on the lower track I again did the color/opacity trick. Then I added an extra filter “Size, position & rotate” and with that last filer I did the X+2, Y+2-trick.

Anyway… This is my US $ 0,02.
Perhaps I missed or misunderstood something. If so, please tell me what ?
(English is not my native language so hopefully I did not make people mad)
Oh and before I forget, I work under Windows 10 with ShotCut version 22.04.25





Can you further explain this? Or show screenshots of before/after?

Aloha Hudson555x and other forum readers!

I have made a new sample project to show what I mean.
Hopefully am a bit more clear this time so people can understand my rambling :wink:


Step 1: Create a “transparent” layer with transparant color.

Step 2: Add a “Text:Rich” filter with a lorum-ipsum text. Nice font and white color. (See Image 01.png)

Step 3: Copy the “Text:Rich” filter and give the one in the bottom layer a grayish color to represent the shadow. Here something already goes wrong in displaying. The texts suddenly do not line up when you select the “transparent”. This has no effect to the rendering btw, it just looks weird in the preview window. (See Image 02.png)

Step 4: Select the “Text:Rich” in the lower layer that is the shadow for our text and click on the keyframe symbol behind the position and size. You will now be presented with the “shall I convert the simple to Advanced keyframes”-question.
Before clicking “Yes”, note that the position and size parameters are grayed out as they should be.

Step 5: Ok, now click “Yes” and go to the keyframes-view in the bottom left corner.
It has created two keyframes. One for the beginning and the second one for the end of the “transparent”.
Note how the position and size parameters are now editable. (See Image 03.png)

Step 6: Change the position of the first keyframe from 585, 1080 → 585+2, 1080+2 → 587, 1082
and do the same for the second keyframe making it into 587, -1327.

Now go back to the timeline and deselect everything by clicking on an empty ara in the column “Output” left from the timeline. So far so good, just look at Image 04.png.

Step 7: The last step.
Click again on the “transparent”, click on both filters and deselect everything again.
As you can see in Image 05.png. The shadow has now moved.

If you check the position of the “Text:Rich” that should be the shadow, you will see the 587, 1080.
That should be 587, 1082 as I set this in Step 6.
Als, the converted keyframes are all gone if you look at the keyframes…


I hope this made it a bit more clear. In addition to the images,
I have also attached the MLT file for anyone who wants to play with it…





Image 01.png

Image 02.png

Image 03.png

Image 04.png

Image 05.png

The MLT File
E000 - Sample Project.mlt (49.1 KB)

Aloha !

No one has any idea whats happening ? Even if you would not look at the key-frame-business,
the way it is showing text is very weird (see image 2) when applying two “Text Rich” filters :frowning:

? BUMP ?



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