Text filter disappears

Running Shotcut 17.08.01 Windows 10.

There seems to be a bug in this version of Shotcut. When GPU processing is enabled the text filter disappears when GPU processing is disabled the text filter reappears.

This is intended because the Text filter is not compatible with GPU processing.

Got it thanks.

I have a project that I haven’t quite finished yet. Wanted to add text to it but I can’t because GPU processing was enabled when the project was saved.

Have a question. Is the GPU processing setting written to the Windows registry or is it written to the MLT file? If it’s written to the MLT file is there a way I can edit the file to disable GPU processing?

So that I can do the text work and then save it without GPU processing enabled.

The info is written to the mlt file. If you added any filters, then the parameter values cannot be converted, which is partly why Shotcut does not convert it for you. You can try to edit the file (after making a backup) and remove every XML element that refers to “movit” and then I think you can use it. Don’t just delete the element but also the filter containing it.

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Thank you.:+1:
Your solution worked perfectly. Deleted all elements with “movit.” using notepad. The mlt file works flawlessly.:smile:

Wtf kind of “solution” is this? I have no idea what editing XML parameters means? This program ruined my video after hours of work and now this is the solution I find?

Why isn’t there an option to correct this,

Hi Yeah,

The general concept of “XML Element” is explained here:

The directions were to make a copy of your .mlt file, and open the copy with a text editor. Search for “movit.” and delete filters that contain XML elements, for example, if your search turned up the following:

< filter id=“filter1”>
< property name=“movit.something”>JustAnExample< /property>
< /filter>

delete < filter id=“filter1”> to < /filter>. All of it.

Shotcut is a nifty little program that asks its users to do some of the work. If learning and researching XML and codecs doesn’t sound interesting, if you want a Wizard to guide you through the process, and/or if the mention of Keyframes doesn’t get you excited, then Shotcut probably isn’t for you. If you ARE interested in learning the inner workings of this stuff, there are some very knowledgeable people on this forum who respond well to politely and specifically worded questions.