Text alignment is not working

I’m a Windows 11 user who just downloaded v23.09.29 from SourceForge (Redirected from shotcut website) but the problem has been going for a long while…

When i try to insert Rich Text And write in it, the text doesn’t stay in the borders even aligning it, and when you close to playtest, it cuts the text… Here are some attachments to show whats going on:

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Maybe related to this. But it is reported as fixed. You could try setting your display scaling to 100% in your Windows settings.

Also, what is your Video Mode? There is a known issue when the Video Mode is 4:3 - although, your example seems more severe than this report:

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It’s set in automatic right now, but before it was on a resolution for youtube shorts (that i deleted) because i think it’s not the right one.

Oh, i opened a new project and it worked