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I’m really new and want to start a youtube react channel. I’m trying to figure out how to sync the video on the top of the timeline to the next video. The top one is the video I’m reacting to the 2nd is my reaction. I’ve currently got them timed to each other but In the front of the 2nd timeline I added an Intro which is where the gap comes in. I’m not even sure if I’m wording the question right to be honest. But basically I want to sync top and bottoms so I can move them flush with the intro removing the gap.

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As per your question, I interpreted that you would like to know how to remove that gap between the two clips right ?

If it is what you wanted to know then the solution is:

Or if you want to remove the gap only on one track, then try right clicking on the gap and click remove

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Hello @GizAnime

  • What is your Video Mode set at?

    • Click on Output, then Properties to display
  • What are the properties of each video/audio clip you are trying to align together?

    • Click on each clip, then Properties to display

Sorry I’m an idiot who’s super new again and the first response worked I just didn’t realize I need to click “rippled edits across all tracks” first. Thank you all for your fast help!

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