Suggestions on the development of timeline video clip selection tool

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Hello, thank you very much for your software for providing help for personal video production. During use, it is found that the selection of video is not convenient. When the video clip is very narrow, the mouse selection always fails. It is suggested that you can set it to close the clip start and contact handle when the clip is very narrow.

In addition, can you add a manual box selection tool to quickly select multiple video clips, which can improve work efficiency. Now it is very inconvenient to select multiple clips. When combined with shift selection, if the clip segment is very narrow, it cannot be clicked.

Well, thank you,
Namo Amitabha

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That’s a good suggestion, it’s not mentioned in the roadmap, but it should be under the additional editing modes on number 19, or under number 2.


One way to do this is to skip to the start of the clip using the player controls then press CTRL space. This will select the clip.


… or just double-click the clip …

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His problem is that the clip is too narrow to double click on, which is waht he is commenting on. He could magnify the timeline and then double-click, but CTRL space. is quicker

Ah yes, of course, you are right! I posted without thinking … D’oh! :yum:

I get those “sebnior moments” too. A few days ago I suggested someone re-installed Shotcut, when I should have told him to “switch off GPU filters” in the “Settings” menu - D’oh!

I was not aware of that shortcut @Elusien. Thanks!

After experimenting, I also found out that you can move the playhead at the start of a clip OR anywhere inside the clip and Ctrl+Right arrow will select the clip. Just make sure the clip is on the active track.

When a clip is selected, you can also use Ctrl+Right arrow and Ctrl+Left arrow to move the selection to the previous or to the next clip.



Thanks for the update. I should really try to learn more of the keyboard shortcuts (Shotcut - Keyboard Shortcut Reference)

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Same for me.

Thank you for all frends answers and help. also hope the software can develop better. More practical and convenient to help more people.
namo amitabha.

Regarding selecting a more clips, then one possibility is to use shift-left click in order to select more clips in a range. You click the first and then shift-left click the last in range.


thanks, iIt is recommended to add Shift + Ctrl + left button as the shortcut key for multiple selections well be better

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I just tried, and it is possible to first use Shift + left button to select a range and afterwards add single clips to the selection with Ctrl + left button. But you cannot do that in opposite order. And yes, I guess one logical improvement could be the possibility to make multiple ranges select with Shift + Ctrl + left button.

I just learned two great keyboard shortcuts. Thanks, Elusien and MusicalBox!

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