Suggestion:A little "enhancement" for Export frame option

Hi to everybody, especially to developers. I wanted to repeat what, at least for me, this program is the best free replacement for many commercial video editing programs, but I wanted to insist in an improvement for export frame option. As has been stated from earlier posts, png format is and will be the default format for frames captures, and I know there are another export formats, as jpg, bmp and others. So my new proposal is that the program remember the last format selection for exporting. I mean, currently, if I want to export a sequence of frames, I must repeat the process each time, I must change export format from png to jpg, that is my preferred format, once and again. So the change what I say, is that when I export a frame as jpg, i just don’t need to change export format to jpg for every next frame to export, that the program remembers the last format selection.
So please do that “improvement”. Thanks for your attention.

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Same as this Little suggestion for improve current version (20.11.28)

…which was Closed two weeks ago, and thus we can no longer discuss its merits there.

Although I am perfectly happy with the PNG format, for myself and my uses, I can understand why someone would have other preferences.

If, as for most of us here, we only use this feature occasionally, the complaint above seems trivial and petty.
But if your work involves picking and exporting hundreds of such frames, for that person it is a big issue.

This is the same basic issue involved in another thread requesting another change, which is so similar that if one is addressed the other should be addressed in the same software fix.

In both cases, it is a small annoyance for some, but a very large problem for others.

My suggestion on this one: Make Default Frame Save Format a Settings choice.

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I just put that there so it can be linked to the other discussion.

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It was only when I attempted to link this thread to that one, to move the discussion there, that I discovered it was closed.

First of all, thank you for answer. Second, I know this request, can be seen as trivial compared with the total functionality of this program, but if it’s included, why not improve it? Also, as you say, it’s obvious that I use that function many times, some times in “batch mode”, repeatdly, and that currently it’s a time consuming task. Maybe can be that I am pampered by media player classic program, that has two function that shotcut has: frame by frame playing, and export frame. With the first one i can select the exact frame to export, the same as with shotcut. The second one is triggered by alt+I keyboard shortcut, and does two things better than shotcut: Automatically names the frame capture (with the source name of the video, and playing time of the frame), and remembers the last selected exporting format. Also, I can see that shotcut is the only one program that can´t remember the last format used, which doesn’t happen in many other programs (on any program, not only video editing programs). So I just wanted to improve that function of shotcut, because sometimes I need to edit as much as export frames, so then, to perform all that in shotcut, which is faster that doing it in several programs. PS: I don’t like png as export format, because in the past I’ve saved frames as png (not with shotcut) and they were saved corrupted, resultant images were bad, fact that hasn’t happened to me before with jpg format.

I’m not sure if you’re editing video with multiple tracks, or just simply wanting to extract frames from one video file.

If it’s from just a single video file, might want read this.

All you need to do is add the file extension to the name for the format you want. You do not need to choose the format in the file dialog. That is there mainly to show which formats are available, and it can filter the files listed. If you do not specify an extension, then the dialog’s format selection adds the appropriate extension for you. In the end, the file dialog simply returns a name to Shotcut. and then it saves in the format according to the file name extension.

Ok admin, thanks for the info. I’ve already certified that with your “method”, I can generate JPG files, despite PNG format is selected. First of all, I must say that I use your program, only for own entertainment, not for commercial use. I use it to trim tv recordings, that sometimes can be very long (2 or three hours), and also can have many interesting frames to save. As I said earlier, at least to me, media player classic, is the best option to export frames, because it auto name the exported frame, and remembers the last file format used. That can be a really time saving process, because I don’t need to write the name of any exported frame, nor write each time their extension. I can say that program “pampered” me with that ease, with that comfort.
So, I suggest the initial idea (although the ideal thing would be that your program copy those two behaviors from media player classic) , because I’m a bit lazy and some distracted, and sometimes I forget to write extensions when saving, and with your method I know I will result with many png exported frames.
I know you can say, “and, so what’s the problem?”, and the problem is, that I have had bad experiences saving frames as PNG (not with your program), so I have no confidence on that format for saving pictures, or at least frames.
Finally, you can say, “if you like so much the way media player classic manages export frame, ¿why just you don’t save them with that program?” and I answer to that, as I said I’m some lazy and generally I need to trim and export frames, and I want to do that with the same program (media player classic is not for editing), so, why not to perform those tasks with shotcut, and that’s what I’m doing, but currently has been a quite time consuming task. So what I’m suggesting, is just for making the workflow with the program, faster.

I have made some modifications to the Export Frame save dialog for the next build:

  • Suggest a file name in the file dialog
  • Remember the previously used extension and default to it for every export request
  • Automatically set the file name extension based on the selected file filter

With these changes, an image can be exported by typing “Ctl-Shift-E” + “Enter” without the need to
interact with the dialog if the restored defaults are suitable.


@Brian that’s great, thanks !

¡¡Thank you!! I’ve already tried new update with this modification, and it works excellent. The extension remains on each export frame, even after program restart. And also I’m satisfied with auto name function. ¡Well done!


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