Export Frame file type doesn't stick 100% if you use non-lowercase file extension

(Running version 23.07.29 on Windows 11)

Based on Suggestion:A little “enhancement” for Export frame option - Suggestion - Shotcut Forum, the default file type when you Export a Frame (Shift+Ctrl+E) should be sticky based on the last saved frame. However, if you explicitly save a frame with an extension that is not all lowercase, the stickiness only partly works. Specifically, the file name will get pre-populated with an extension that exactly matches the extension of your last saved frame (including casing), but the save as type will always default to PNG.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open up any existing video project in Shotcut (or start a new project with a video)
  2. Press Shift+Ctrl+E to export a frame
  3. In the file picker popup, change the filename to “TEST.JPG” (all uppercase), and save in your default Shotcut folder
  4. Back in the main Shotcut window, press Shift+Ctrl+E to export another frame.
  5. Note that in the file picker popup, the File name is pre-populated with a “.JPG” (uppercase) extension, but the Save as Type is set to PNG. (This means that the previously saved “TEST.JPG” file is not shown, since it is not a PNG file)
  6. Change the filename to “test” (no extension), and select JPEG from the “Save as Type” dropdown menu. This will add a “.JPG” (uppercase) extension to your filename. (Note that now that “Save as Type” is set to JPEG, you can see the existing JPEG files in the folder.)
  7. If we save at this point, we’ll just run into the same kind of problem noted in #5 above next time we export another frame. Instead, change the filename to “test.jpg”, and save that. This breaks the bad cycle, and next time you export a frame, you’ll see filename pre-populated with a “.jpg” (lowercase) extension and “Save as type” = JPEG.

Ideally, you wouldn’t have to do #7 above to work around the problem. Even if you save with an uppercase “.JPG” extension, the next time you export a frame, the file name should be pre-populated with a “.JPG” extension, and the Save as Type should be defaulted to JPEG.

Thanks for your report. This is fixed for the next release.

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