Sound with loudspeakers and headphones

Hello everyone
I just bought a new Asus Rog-Strix computer, AMD Ryzen 9 5900 HX processor, 32 GB Ram, Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card, specially to make video edits on the advice of a computer specialist who runs a small repair shop and sales and I have a problem with the sound with this computer.
When I put any text on the soundtrack and listen to it with headphones the sound is good, when I listen to it through the loudspeakers the sound is rotten, the computer scientist who sold it to me tells me that it comes from the application and not from the computer.
Unfortunately it is the same when I edit video.
Sometimes when I edit this computer has a slight tendency to row always according to the computer scientist that should not exist with such a computer.
I have been using shotcut for some time and with the other computer
Asus laptop which was not powerful enough I never encountered this kind of problem.
Can you give me an explanation or advice.
I must specify that this professional has a good reputation both on the quality of his work and on these prices and services and honesty I have been his client for several years and this is the first time that I have this incident
Thanks in advance.

What specifically have you tried to eliminate the source?

Shotcut wise, when you export, is the distortion present? Can you upload a sample clip of the distortion?

Different speakers act differently to frequencies. For headphones, its near to your eardrums and i assuming with an active sound cancellation. Is the loudspeaker sound great hooked to another pc?

Can you provide more detail about the setup? Are the loudspeakers being plugged into the headphone port, or a different line level port? (Could be explained by an impedance mismatch.) Does “rotten” sound mean heavy distortion, or does it mean shrill electrical interference noise? Is the sound card built into the motherboard, or is it an external USB audio interface? (Could be explained by interference from the computer’s power supply and no electrical shielding on the sound card.)

Thank you for reply, to be honest I am not enought qualified, i don’t know where to search in the computer to give you a correct anwser;

I’m reading some of the specs of that ASUS notebook series.
I notice that in the audio section they implement the possibility of virtual 5.1.2 surround sound with Dolby Atmos technology. I also read that it would incorporate AI-assisted noise cancellation in both audio input and output.
All this is advertised as crystal clear audio, but it’s a substantial difference from audio without all this technology. Perhaps the problem is this. I would look for the on-off menu for these audio parameters and try the different combinations.
I would be very surprised if virtual surround sound is on by default, but noise cancellation is more likely to be working by default.
Can you be more specific with the resulting sound, is it distorted, is there a lack of treble or bass, are there interruptions or stutters?

As I write, I read that the two-way AI background noise cancellation system filters out frequency ranges and has several tuning programmes. I guess you’ll have to read the manual.

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It’s interesting that you say this. I took hold of a Carbon X1 Gen 9 with Dolby Atmos and I installed Shotcut on it (I actually made a post on the forum about the issue - I also had an out of sync sound/video issue too) as I had a Gen 6 Carbon without issue. I decided not to use it and stayed with the Gen 6 that I’m currently using. The Gen 6 also has the potential for Dolby but it is a purchasable item so not turned on/installed.

Just a few weeks ago I got hold of another Gen 9 and installed Shotcut, same screetchy shrill electical interference sound as described by Austin. I decided to play around to see if I could determine why. At one point I went into Shotcut - Settings - Synchronisation and reduced the video offset by something like -30 or -40ms. The awful sound disappeared with a normal sound output. I changed the sync offset back to 0 and the sound strangely remained in a good state. Why? I don’t know but that was my fix.

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Hello thank you for you reply.
You will find here under 2 Records on from the laodspakers and the other from hearphones.

The first one is from hearphones the second one is from loadspeaker

What exactly at we listening for?
It’s very common to have two different sound experiences with headphones and loudspeakers. With your loudspeakers I hear a lot of reverb, probably coming from the walls of the room you’re in.

Not sure how this is related to Shotcut.

And in the sound of the headphones, I hear like tapping or something similar. How is this audio recorded?
Even between different types of headphones, there are noticeable differences.
Commercial headphones with bass enhancement often kill frequencies that you can hear with studio headphones or flat signature headphones.
My audio outputs to headphones and to speakers (via Toslink and amplifier) have different settings. I can enable Dolby on one output and DTS on another. They are independent.

Thank you for your responses, I recorded the sound with a ZOOM H2n Recorder directly a few centimeters from the computer speaker and the other directly at the headphone output, then I had to convert the sound to mp4 the mp3 is not being accepted by the Shotcut forum.

An application like shortcut generates digital sound (0 & 1), your computer’s soundcard with convert this stream of 0 & 1 into analog sound you can hear on your headphone & speaker outputs, Shorcut just sends the same stream to your OS, that direct it to the soundcard hardware, the application don’t know where the sound is output to, it the job of the OS.
Most computers has very bad soundcards, if you want decent sound you need an external usb connected soundcard, if you care about sound quality, they makes a huge difference from the crappy ones build into the computer.

Bonjour TimLau, thank you for your answer, I mainly try to have a good sound once the clip is exported by shotcut and this is my current problem with my new computer.

Quick question, what is your headphone model and your loudspeaker?

The best way of testing the speakers is to play a few different songs through them (and through the headphones). Here is a recommendation from those nice guys over at Tritton Sales:

Here is how to test speakers’ quality as well as the song title that needs to be played. There’s no pressure here; all it needs is a listening ear and an appreciation for music.

Radiohead’s “The National Anthem” is the best way to test the overall balance of your speaker’s sound performance. With the song’s mix of acoustic and electronic instruments, you’ll quickly know if your speaker did its job right or otherwise.

Can’s “Spoon” is a good music to test the rhythm and timing of your speaker. Pay particular attention to the song at 2:23, where drummer Jaki Liebezeit unleashes a volley of fills and pad that may be difficult for low-caliber speakers to correctly replicate.

Nina Simone’s “I Put A Spell On You” is a good song to test out your speaker’s midrange quality. For treble quality, unleash the power of Bruce Springsteen’s “Terry’s Song” and see if your speaker can keep up. The ability to shift from very quiet to very loud is what’s called dynamic range and can be tested by George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue.”

You can find good recordings of most of these on the web (usually on Youtube).

Hello Sheep,
For the headset it is a headset supplied with the Asus Republic of gamers computer although I am not a gamer I bought this computer for its power for the video. for the speakers they are those or that of the computer Asus Rog Strix.
I snooped around my computer and the sound goes through Speakers (Realtek (R) Audio)?
My knowledge in computer techniques is limited like most of the users.
Thank you for your reply.

Hello Elusian,
Thank you for your answer, I will give it a try although the speakers are those of the computer, but what bothers me is not the speakers or the headphones it is the rendering once export to MP4 with Shotcut , I did not have this rendering with shotcut and my old computer which saturated as soon as I had a few timelines but at least the sound was admissible without being perfect if this is possible with such material.

One quick thought, since you say “saturated” - check through both Shotcut’s and your system’s sound settings to be sure the volume levels are set to realistic levels. Admittedly, this is a long shot, and more likely to be an issue if you were recording via microphone … but may still be worth checking.

Are these speakers built into a laptop?