Sound with loudspeakers and headphones

My response was trying to identify the underlying problem that you mentioned in your first post above.

If you play these songs through your headphones and they are fine, while through your speakers they are not, then it is obviously the speakers/sound-card that are the problem. It cannot be the application since it is the same application in both cases and this application has no idea whether you are using headphones or speakers to listen to its output.

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No worries. We are here to troubleshoot the cause. To be honest, I’m curious about your goal. Are you targeting audience with headphones or speakers? If for speakers users, why not control the audio in Shotcut. Plenty of audio filter to play with in SC.

Yes those loadspeaker are built in the laptop

Thank you Sheep, My goal is to have aceptable sound what ever is the way to heard it (hearphone or loadspeaker built in or else).Sc is not responsable of my problem I had a good sound with my older computer. My setting are not commercial just for pleasure.

Hello Awake,
I am recording via TextAloud 4 and an French or Americain voices baught from TextAloud and music from the web.

By the way in your opinion during a video editing with voice over and music what sound levels should be each track, obviously we can differentiate the levels of each track to give relief, accentuate or dramatize an action.
But in general that it must be in db the level of each track to have a correct sound without having to make any effort to understand the lyrics and have a background sound.
Thanks for your help.

There is an interesting and useful article about sound levels for video from Tosh Lubek, who runs an audio & video production business producing website videos and broadcast advertising for local and national clients. He also teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to create their own videos, so he should know what he’s talking about…

Thank you Elusien for this article.

As far as we can appreciate from your Zoom recordings, I think the second one from the speakers corroborates ejmillan’s hypothesis about some noise cancellation interference.

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