Something weird is going on with multi-track mode, remove track, and undo

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch Shotcut.
  2. Open a video or image file.
  3. Move the entire thing or a portion of it to the Timeline.
  4. Choose Add Video Track from the Timeline toolbar menu to add another track.
  5. Open another video or image file.
  6. Move the entire thing or a portion of it to V2.
  7. Move the clip on V1 to V2
  8. Click on the V2 track label.
  9. Choose Remove Track from the toolbar menu to remove the V2 track.
  10. Press Ctrl+z or choose Undo from the menu to undo.
  11. Keep undoing.
  12. A crash occurs or duplicate clips appear.

There were some additional weirdness such as being unable to move clips, clips becoming too long, and transitions appearing, but I haven’t been able to reproduce them. This crash and duplicate clips issues are reproducible almost all the time.

This happens in 18.08.14 and 18.03.06. I’m presuming that all the versions between have this problem.

At 7),
if I move the clip on V1 in front of the clip on V2, a crash tended to occur.
if I move the clip on V1 after the clip on V2, duplicate clips tended to appear.

At 5), you don’t have to use another file. A clip from the same file produce the same outcome.

At 4), you can also use Insert Track to reproduce this problem.

Audio tracks also exhibit this problem. To reproduce, use audio files at 2) and 5). Also use Add Audio Track twice to create A1 and A2.

a) Only tested on Windows 7 64 bit.

It might be related to these threads:


because both of them involve multi-track mode, and be already fixed in 18.09.** if that’s the case with the first thread.

This has been fixed for the next release v18.09

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