Cutting or ripple-deleting a clip from the Timeline leaves something that acts like an edge of a clip in the multi-track mode

I was experiencing crashes while cutting and pasting clips in the multiple-track mode, but I haven’t reproduced it consistently. This problem looks benign and non-critical, but can be related.

Lifting a clip doesn’t cause this problem. The empty track leaves something that acts like an edge of a clip at 00:00:00:01, which looks to me like a normal and intended outcome.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch Shotcut.
  2. Open a video or image.
  3. Create two clips from the video or image. Let’s call them A and B.
  4. Place them in the Timeline.
  5. Select Add Video Track from the timeline toolbar menu to add another track.
  6. Drag and drop A on V2. Leave some empty space between A and B, which are on seprete tracks now.
  7. Highlight B.
  8. Cut or ripple-delete B by clicking the toolbar button or pressing the shortcut.
  9. The playhead don’t move to the right edge of A and gets stuck at where the left edge of B used to be.

  10. Paste a clip from the source to the now empty track V1. You can also drag and drop a clip from the source after enabling Ripple Trim and Drop. Focus moves to V1, and the clip on it gets highlighted.
  11. Right click on the empty space located after the clip you just pasted. Remove menu item appears.

    There is something that acts as an edge of a clip on V1.

a) Only teseted in Windows 7 64bit.
b) This happens in 18.08.14 and 18.03.06. I’m presumming that all the version between and eariler versions have this issue.

This something that acts like an edge of a clip appears even in the single-track mode if A is absent.

This has been fixed for the next release v18.09

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