[SOLVED] Cropping a video question


I was looking for a tutorial / how to crop a video. Did my research and Googled / YouTubed a bunch. Found plenty BUT every single one of them says just highlight the part of the video and add crop rectangle filter. Its working by adding a black bars on the sides / top / bottom of the video.

What I would like is to actually crop the video as in remove the parts of the video. Like in the Handbrake where you can change the dimensions of the video by removing x amount of pixels from sides / top and bottom.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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Shotcut requires that you set the video mode. The crop filter can not change it for you.

There is a similar discussion here:

I know what you are talking about in Handbrake. That is a handy feature. Shotcut does not offer anything like that - so I recommend Handbrake for that situation.

Use video mode to set the actual size of the video, then use the size, rotate and position filter to adjust the crop.

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Thanks guys, setting up video mode + the aspect ratio and the fps and then using the size rotate and position filter did what I needed.

Just to add: Aspect Ratio Calculator (ARC)

Aspect ratio calculator is handy.




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