Size issue when exporting video

I have a problem exporting videos and I don’t know how to identify them or know what I did wrong.

First export a 9gb video and a 1:30hs duration. Cut some parts remaining in 1:20hs and without editing anything else I export it with the “YouTube” profile because I assumed that it is lighter. The video was 1.10gb.

The problem is that now I try to do exactly the same with another video (but with the same content, it is the recording of my screen of the same game, with the same characteristics, it is only a continuation) of 3.5gb with a duration of 35min and with the “YouTube” profile now has 1.94gb, almost double that of the first video that lasts three times as long.

The worst thing was when I wanted to correct a video that had already been exported with the “YouTube” profile, it is not the original recording. It went from having 2.25gb to having 8.84gb!!! being practically the same video (I only cut a few seconds where I had an error).

Did I do something wrong without knowing it? how can I know? in the details of the videos all are the same with the same configuration. And the truth is that it is difficult for me to be my own mistake because I literally only clicked on “export” and “YouTube” without modifying anything.

Don’t use the Youtube preset, it has a GOP size of 15, just use “default”. which has a GOP size of 300.

I recently did a test exporting a video with just a PNG. The quality of the “default” is the same as the Youtube video, the “default” filesize is 6x smaller (Youtube 177MB, Default 28MB).

Your video size may not be reduced by 6x but it should be considerably less than what you got with the Youtube setting.

And what is that of GOP? I saw that it is almost the only difference with H.264 but I don’t know what it is.

I’m going to try that way. Maybe the first time I did it in default or something.

For a description of the GOP (Group Of Pictures) see the post I made here:


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