Size and position big error

So i change the size of one of my videos with size and position then i export…i look at finished product and its super small i didnt do this plus i didnt have this issue before i updated it please help

Typically you would change the size of your video in your export window, not with Size & Position. Not enough information to go on to help any further.

Could you provide a screenshot of your Size & Position filter window at the settings you have, along with other information outlined in this post? :slight_smile:

ok so you see where the orange box video clip is? While editing i place it where the green box is but when i export and watch the finished product it ends up where the orange box is…im not referring to the resolution at the export menu im referring to size and positioning video clips

Are you changing the resolution when you export?


Well, there’s the problem. Some things had to change to make room for other things, and this behavior changed (rectangles and changing resolution). You should not change the resolution until this is fixed. Use Settings > Video Mode to set your project resolution before starting a project.

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ok ill try that thanks

Thank You So Much. Can’t thank you enough!!!