Off Centre Issue

I was editing a video for a YouTube video, and I worked on it for about 3 hours being very laggy as I have a slow computer - so when I had finished I sighed of relief thinking that I did not have to do that again. I re watched the previewed version on shotcut to make sure everything was in the right place, and it seemed ok - so I rendered the video.
As soon as the video rendered 2 hours later, I watched the full version, and immediately, the keyframe effect which I put into my video jumped to a slightly different image, then did the effect, put then ending image was not where I put it in shotcut - so I just kept watching. This was where I found that the whole screen was off centre, so I put some text in the MIDDLE of the screen, and on the fully rendered version, it was near the TOP LEFT corner, and I was a bit angry, so I just thought to render it again.
After the 2 and a half hours of the video rendering - I was full of confident that it had solved the issue taking longer to render - so I watched the video to see my great editing skills…
Nope, it was still the same as the previous version. I have had shotcut for quite some time - but I had an earlier version of shotcut - I never really downloaded a newer version, so when I saw that this new version had a keyframe effect, I wanted to try it out, thinking that because the older version of shotcut worked fine, finished thing turned out how I wanted it, this version should work fine or better - I was wrong, its worse - so now I have a video that I had made great during the edit, but now it is terrible because everything is off centre - my facecam is even off. So shotcut, please sort this out in the next update, but I really do not want to re-edit that video again so I have no idea what to do with it!
If shotcut could get an update out to fix this problem ASAP, that would be great!

Did you change the resolution in Export? Sounds like the same as, which is just a few posts earlier than yours:

Thanks, I did change the resolution - but the voice did still sound weird, and I found out that the bit rate had increased - so I found another forum with an answer to that question so trying that now!