Shotcut taking so long to export

Im trying to export 2-10 minutes videos and they take about 5 hours to export. Im using the latest version and im editing on a macbook air. The thing is is that before when I exported longer videos, they took about 20 minutes but now i dont know what happened. also shotcut randomly crashes during the exports. Is there any way to fix this? thanks.

Hi @coco
It looks like some people still have issues with the latest versions of Shotcut.
Maybe you can try to use the Recommended Stable Version: 21.03.21

Try using hardware encoder

A user recently complained of something similar (slow exporting), it turned out (s)he was using the “Corner Pin” filter, which was causing the slowdown. Removing this filter sorted out the problem. See:

Consider trying to use the “Parallel Processing” option in the advanced section of the export panel


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