Shotcut Should ONLY Mix Video And Audio


I’m new in using programs like Shotcut, but have very low expectations on it:

I just want to mix a Video (Animation, created by me) with an mp3.
I tried some default modes trying to export, but the every time result was: The video showed more “pixel edges” than the original video.

Is there a mode like “like it is”, or another programm for my needs?

Thank you so far!

Shotcut is great for this task. Aliasing happens when one or more of several things happen:

  • The video mode of the timeline is different than the resolution of the clips being placed on it. That’s likely the issue here.

  • The export resolution in the Advanced panel is changed to be larger than the timeline resolution.

  • The encoder settings for export are such low quality that macroblocks appear.

Here is documentation on the first possible issue:

@Austin: Thank You! It was the first thing…
I started a new project - with 24 fps (like my video file) instead of 25 fps (did not think about it). With “H.264 Baseline Profile” it went well.

I’m sorry for my superficialness, but this is probably the first and last time I would use Shotcut like I did, so I’d like a quick solution.


Frame rate differences won’t cause blocky pixel edges. Something else is wrong, like different resolutions between the video file and the timeline.

Another option… On the Export > Advanced tab, there is an option called Interpolation that may give better results if set to Bicubic rather than Bilinear.

I don’t remember what I did wrong on the first try. Maybe I’ve choosen “Videomode - automatic”.
But the problem has been solved by starting a new project, took the same resolution und frame rate as the video file.
The interpolation-Option - thank you for that hint.

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