Shotcut proxy videos auto creation auto replace tool for fast smooth editing

I think this project has just extended it’s lifespan for few months, as our supreme leader @shotcut said his gonna lay low for a while and the build-in proxy function is not going to be in the next release.

It sure has. Thanks a lot for sharing it! :grinning: It’s what’s going to hold us over until development kicks back up again.


@KKnBB , I want to thank you so much for this tool. I’m using it all the time now - it really makes for super-smooth timeline editing even on my modest i5 laptop.

I recently made this video with your proxy files (using your “buttery smooth” 360p setting) - and together with preview scaling set to 360p (Shotcut version 20.02) it gave amazingly fast no-lag editing.
In fact the timeline editing took a lot less time than making the titles :yum:

Please note, I’d appreciate it if this video wasn’t copied or shared anywhere yet because I’m trying to contact the copyright owner of the footage and ask for permission to put it on public viewing on Youtube. Until then I’ve set it as “unlisted” just to show you guys on the forum (only those with the link can view it).

(No problem with the music copyright - it’s my music … :smiley:)

@KKnBB Thank you very much. I’m editing in my old PC fast and smooth.

And, it works fine with Wine in Linux!


Great tool. Hope something similar gets integrated at some point.

I have a few feature requests/suggestions.

  1. Could you please have my resolution selection remembered between runs (like the folder location)
  2. Could we have a recursive folder search option? That way I can point it to the root folder of my video collection and have it create proxies for everything new.
  3. When I edit the folder location by hand it does not get remember for a next run like when I use the “Pick Video Folder” button.

thanks for creating this tool!

Hello all

Edit : woops, I now realize that it’s a windows project … will see if I can find how to make this work natively in/with Linux (no wine)

Thanks @KKnBB for this tool … I’m going to try it, as I currently edit a 4k video … which means stuttering playback at some point.

First question : do you know if filters such as Stabilize (or any other one) could be impacted by this ?
Or does the analysis part is actually redone when exporting the project ?
Maybe @shotcut can also advise :slight_smile:

2nd question : why not move

  • originals to an “unused” folder and the proxy files into the original location when activating the proxy feature
  • and switch them back / move then the other way around before exporting
    Because, using the proxy files right from the beginning actually prevents me from using it with an already started project :-S

Maybe I’m missing something :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

Ah ha, glad to know! My old pc said “hi”.

If you got time, can you post a random mlt file created in Linux and let me take a look at the “source file location syntax”? So I may improve the “replace proxy back to original” to work better with files created on Linux.

1, okey, that is a simple line of code, I add it today or tomorrow when I got time.
2, maybe, I will quickly review the existing codes, if no conflicts I will add the recurse.
3, it doesn’t remember the “location” simply by change of the text. You have to click some “execute” button. If I improve this, I may do something even better, like a drop down of all history location :smiley:

1, added, check update
2, will be no recurse, for some reasons.
3, add a “save user config” action on when it exit.

5 posts earlier a forum member say it worked find in wine. Some earlier posts we have discussed if we can make it Linux native, the short answer is: it is easier to rewrite this little tool in python or something.

Most filters will work fine, except some special ones, like Stabilize where the filter needs to analyze the actual picture to auto-setup its own parameters, you have to be careful. Or use 1080p+ high quality proxy to minimize the impacts.
I don’t think the analysis/self-configuration will be redone when exporting.

It is a crime to move around the users existing files’ locations.
Some may get confused after apply it multiple times, some may use this tool against the camera SD card and the camera will reject playback of the converted files…

A new tool, save its shit in a new folder, don’t mess around the existing data, called the Best Practice Principles. :joy:

A minor update 2.022 :
remember users folder location / selection etc. for next run, before exit.
some cosmetic text changes: more info, more guide, less confusion.
Download url is the same in the first post.

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Hello again @KKnBB.

The mtl file uses absolute paths, both for your files and, for example, the files in the custom setting in transitions. You know, something like /home/user/Video/my-resources/mymotionbackground.mp4

Your tool works exactly the same as in Windows. I imagine using the windows ffmpeg that comes with it, and not native linux.

It works great, really.


Thanks @KKnBB for your reply.

And for the last point, well : you are absolutely right :slight_smile: !!

Ah ha, good to know. Yea I checked my own code, it should work fine, no need to patch.

Hope ffmpeg doesn’t lose too much performance running under Linux-Wine.

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Hello! I am having trouble with last Shotcut (linux). I create a project 1920x1080, and then use the proxified files. After edition, made the substitutions with the tool, and every zoom in (Rotate and Scale) in the main video track is ‘changed’, not in scale, but in X and Y. This was ok with the 20.02 version.

That’s the word I am looking for!

And unfortunately, I have read the new version changelog saying:

  • Fixed Offset X and Y parameters of Rotate and Scale filter with Preview Scaling .

I believe 20.04 may change to absolute X Y instead of relative X Y… And nothing I can do to get it fixed.

One thing you can consider is, using my tool → 1080p intermediate option, to use the proxy as direct editing source.

(unlike the 360/720p, the “1080p intermediate” option is fine-tuned for high quality, and still smooth for editing on good computers)

Ooooh. It’s a pity. With my old AMD A10 APU from 2012 + 8 GB I really was happy with the 360 butter smooth. I was thinking the way to get proxies integrated in Shotcut is the relative values path…

Anyway, I bought yesterday an used Xeon 2620v3 3 cores 6 threads (for overclock it) from China, 13€! plus motherboard plus memory. Waiting the end of May to have my hands on it!

Best regards!
PD Size and position is working ok, but mask:simple shape has the same ‘bug’.


Give the 1080p intermediate a try, the smoothness may surprise you. And export from the intermediate can be few times faster as a bonus.

I also encountered the same problem.
A solution was given by @Austin so as not to lose the project.
See here :
On the other hand in my case the same problem already existed with the V 20-02

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Smart solution. Thank you.

Actually I noticed this issue since the beginning.(even before I write this gadget)
The first week I use Shotcut, I made a 1080p video, later I decided that I want to publish it in 4K. Changing the video mode mess up all the filter X/Y offsets. (I was used to photoshop it is like when shrinking/resizing everything will follow the scale change, even the font sizes) I realize that Shotcut is using absolute X/Y offsets everywhere.

And that’s why I made the tool with the “1080p intermedia” and “full resolution” convert options.

So basically we have only 2 options here:
1, Edit with 360P proxy, substitutions, open again and fix the clips with offset filters, =>export;
2, Edit with 1080P edit-friendly intermediate, no need to replace, =>export.