Shotcut not exporting properly

Well basically I use audacity to edit my sounds, and to use it, I need to convert my video files into WAV or WMA. So I basically use shotcut for this. However, instead of just converting it as a whole, I actually cut out parts which I don’t want before exporting it as a WAV and WMA. Sadly, whenever I do that, the file actually doesn’t get cut. Shotcut basically just exported the whole video file as it is, without the changes I did to the track.

Anyone know a workaround to it? It doesn’t happen 100% of the time, but probably more than half the time (probably even two thirds of the time), and it’s pretty annoying.

If you could show your timeline, it may be a large help for others wanting to help you, including your Shotcut version number (Click on Help, then About Shotcut).

As far as exporting to WAV format, you can choose that option in Export.
Look for the “audio” section for presets.

More than likely you are doing something wrong, but you have not explained it well. See Export > From

You could be accidentally exporting from source instead of timeline. Are you even dragging the file on the timeline or just adjusting in and out points on the preview screen?.

Thanks. I found a workaround for it, but that’s not what I was asking for.

This is the full story tho:
I recorded some commentary as a video. So there are parts in the full video where I mispronounce stuff, and have to reread the sentence. There are also parts at the start of the video where I breath in and out and tell myself, “ready, go”

So for my audio commentary, I added the video in an audio track. Then I cut out the bits and pieces that I don’t want, and trim it into the version which I will use for my video. Then I actually do what you advised me to do (actually I did that even before you advised me to do)

And the whole WAV file comes out unedited. The it starts with me breathing in and out, saying “ready, go” when in reality, in my timeline, I have already cut it out (and saved as well).

That said I managed to solve it by adding a random photo as a video track above it. But it is really kinda odd.

Edited In:
Turns out I exported from the wrong source. Silly me. Hahahaha.

Oh wait, you’re right. I actually ran into something similar again right now (which is why I’m back in the forums), and looks like it’s because my export source was the problem. I exported from playlist. Thanks for the tip!

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This may be a bit of a rabbit to chase, since you already figured out what was going on with exporting from Shotcut … but why are you needing to convert to WAV or WMA before importing into Audacity? Admittedly, I haven’t done a huge amount of experimenting, but in my usage Audacity has been able to import anything I’ve fed it, including video files - of course, it discards the video stream and only retains the audio, but no conversion is needed, at least not with the particular .mp4 files that I’ve fed it.

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