ShotCut - Love to Hate It

Is the best Video-Editor I know and use. It is stable and if you know where to find what in the slightly chaotic UI OK. And the Fact that you can place Filters on an Track himself and/or the Clip’s is fine (I don’t say genius cause KdenLive has it too).

No Mouse Slide Parameter Changes
Keyframes don’t Reverse by reversing a Video
No Keyframe Copy Funktion
No Mouse Multiselection of Keyframes
No Copy Function of Keyframes
No Movement of a Keyframe beyond his Neighbor Keyframe possible
No Keyframes Invert
No Bezier Curves between Keyframes
No Timestretch of Keyframes (especially when Change the Video-Speed

This makes the work with Keyframes like working in the Stoneage.

Videomode Resolution/Aspect Ratio was a Pain to understand. I try so often an Resolution and wonder why my final Video is so odd (Preview don’t show the Reality) until I understand that the Aspect is the Thing. Therefore why can’t the final Video-Size done by drag a Mouse-Frame. Often the final Size of a Video (Composition of multiple Videos) stays at the End.

Positioning of an Object per Mouse is ok but not precise. Number Input is a Pain cause the Input-Behaviour is unconventional. Why there is no Mouse-Slide Function for input Numbers (i.e. x/y Coordinates of the Filter Size/Position/Rotation).

Why there is no Part Rendering (Mark) possible to faster Preview an Project ?

Why there is no “Copy” Codec to lossless cut a Video like in AVIDemux ?

Apart from that, go on Folks, good Editor (could be so much better)

A workaround for that is to use the UP and Down keyboard arrows after selecting one of the position/size parameters in the Size, Position & Rotate filter. It’s not quite as fast as a slider, but faster than using the mouse wheel.

And of course, the fastest way will always be to edit size and position directly in the preview window. Then fine tune in the filters panel.


From your list there’s nothing really that difficult to do. The Industry description would be “Freshen the UI”.

Good Qt UI Programmers charge $USD100,000+ p/a and it’s probably 6-months work for such a person to do. Although there may be ways to get it done for less.

I don’t speak for the Development Team. I’m a semi-retired hobby programmer.

A what ?

I’d just make the point that there are big bloaty Video Editing programs out there where they have had 50+ developers work on their program and they have the features that you want somewhere in their bloatiness.

If you really wanted to assist, then you’d probably need to go through the Development Process that they have for Shotcut.

In a commercial project, you’d probably first need to prepare Screen shots of how you wanted everything to work, then find in the code where it’s implemented, prepare some sort of Time/Materials Costing and then find programming assets to perform the coding and testing.

There is a suggestion that development can just be done by feature copying and that is not a doctrine that all Developers are happy to follow.

I could be wrong on all of this, it’s just my personal opinion.

There is already a Roadmap - Shotcut - Road Map and it looks like some of the things you mention are already there - but I can’t be certain.

Video Mode is explained here in great detail:

Not quite sure how this is a suggestion. Many other video editors use resolution and aspect ratio with their settings. I believe Adobe uses resolution and aspect ratio.

If you have a 1080p 30fps Video Mode, and load a vertical 60fps video, the final exported default will be 1080p 30fps. If no adjustments were made to the vertical video, the video will have 2 huge black bars on the sides. This is very clear in the preview window.

If you mean time wise partial rendering, I do this: create new project, import the big project as a clip, trim to part you want to render, render

But yeah could be handy to have some way to select only part of project for export with some special markers for example.

Hi @jupet
There is a faster way. Use markers
I made a tutorial about this:


I feel that one thing missing in Shotcut that exists to some degree in the newer versions of Photoshop, is their “feature previews” for new users.

They are very small animations that hover over a button for up to 3 seconds or so that explain what the ‘feature’ is and why you should care.

For me, the takeaway in the OP is (without being critical) is that SC feels a bit like a 90’s Japanese video camera and there are all these features in the menu that there’s no way to work out what they do. That isn’t being unkind, and in fact Adobe Premier and Adobe After-Effects are way worse.

To continue my rant about After-Effects, every time they get a new feature they put it (as far as I can tell) in the first menu option from the top. Leaving the oldest features at the bottom. That is ridiculous because as a new user you can’t find anything that you want and to get around this, Teachers in the Education system just tell you what to select from what menu and call that a lesson.

On the Arri Alexa video camera, which people love, all the menu’s are set out in a different way than the '90s Japanese video cameras.

I’ve long programmed Qt myself and feel comfortable with the old Qt widgets interface. So I’m not slamming it. However, Qt did do Qt Quick which was used for making Coffee machines.

Whilst I don’t want SC to become a coffee machine, some migration to making it more like an Arri Alexa in the menus might be positive. For example, dividing it into Timeline, Filters, Transitions, Tracks, Colour Grading, Audio and Keyframes. Anything that I have missed, leave unchanged.

I wouldn’t expect that it would happen by next week.

The latest version of Shotcut have those animations in the filters panel and for the transitions (in the Properties panel).




Ok cool, but I never would have found that.

I’m hoping for a “Transition” toolbar button, a visual indicator, and yes, that exact same preview that obviously currently exists.

So it’s mostly implemented. I also like the ability to have custom transitions which I have never seen.

Don’t you read the release notes when there is a new version? :wink:

I never upgrade a software version when I’m working on an active project. Too many things have the chance of breaking.


I made that mistake once. To my detriment, I hadn’t upgraded Shotcut in at least three version cycles. I did so in the middle of a project, and had to start completely over. I probably could have just gone back and found the previous version and re-installed, but by that time I was frustrated and time was getting critical. I learned my lesson on that one.

Thanks, learning never stops :disguised_face:

It seems there is no PAUSE-Function in the Job-Queue. Sometimes I wish to PAUSE a big Job to precedence a little Job.

A Stabilize-Filter like in Blender, where you can set multiple “Quadratic-Followers” at specific Video Characteristics would be nice. In Blender these Things also are sizeable. Then (Blender) press play and you can follow (and manually correct if necessary) the Process.

I totally miss a simple Mask handling like before 15 Years exist in Adobe After-Effects. Draw a new Mask in a Video with a various number of Points. The Edges of such a Mask could be variable smooth and the Mask Points where Keyframe capable.

Oh by the way the virtual Lightning (Spotlights whatever) what a wonderful Idea.

The other day I want to stabilize a Video and It makes things worse. The by accident I manually stabilize the Video rough by Keyframes. After then I take the Stabilize-Filter and that was satisfying.

Yes agree with you my words sound hurting. But I love free Software and only want to encourage the Developers make it even better. I try KdenLive and ShotCut. KdenLive at first looks much more professional but the handling, ouch. ShotCut is simpler to use and the most Time stable (open a Network-Resource and after 5 Sec It closes). And like I said ShotCut is actually my favorite Video-Editor, it is ok for simple fast working. But in deep (i.e. Keyframe handling) I miss so much a better workflow/handling.

I posted a video a while ago where I tested the newly introduced Mask: Draw filter.
I didn’t edit the mask with keyframes in that video, but it can be done, of course.

I mean the COPY-Mode in AVIDEMUX. Let it at COPY mark a Portion of an Video, SAVE and 1 Second later AVIDEMUX (without Recoding) copy the Original Video/Audio to a new File.

avidemux copy