Shotcut export file description reports insane 1860 fps

I am running Shotcut on Windows 7, with 4 cores, 8GB of Ram, a 3GHz CPU.
I am a Shotcut novice but have already run a bunch of successful experiments with it. But the last one has me baffled. I downloaded a 822MB file from YouTube, imported it into Shotcut and immediately exported it with the default export settings. The result was a slightly larger file, but it plays great. The strange part is that the file description shows an insane frames per second rate of 1860. Why? How can that be? What does it mean?

BTW, I love Shotcut!

Ted Smith

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That sure is crazy, CS:GO gamers be like :no_mouth::open_mouth:

Unable to reproduce unless I intentionally try to using Video Mode or Export > Advanced. Please show the Properties panel in Shotcut of source clip from YouTube. From there also, show menu > More Information.

Is this what you wanted?

Yes, now you can do the same for the exported file. Maybe what you are showing is an Explorer problem. Maybe it is showing something it read while the file was still exporting and before updating itself.

From the pic it would appear that you are correct about the problem being related to Explorer. I guess I’ll just relax about it. Thanks

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