Shot cut crashes on vertical videos

Pixel 2/3 android phones create vertical videos. On Windows, they show up as Frame WidthxHeight = 1920x1080, even though they’re vertical videos.

they play fine in windows media player + shotcut, but when i click “append to current track”, it crashes

This was just fixed for the next version 19.02 due by end of February.

The workaround is to convert the clip (using Export rather than Properties > Convert to Edit-friendly).

You can get a nightly build from here to try it out yourself:

I think I may be having a similar problem. My Pixel 1 recorded a vertical video instead of a horizontal video. I can preview the vertical video just fine in Shotcut v. 19.01.27 on Windows 10, but when I drag it to the timeline, the program crashes. If I try applying a filter to rotate the video -90 degrees and scale it 178% before dragging it, the program still crashes when I try to move the clip to my timeline.

I just wanted to make sure this was the same problem listed above that will be fixed in 19.02.

I’m loving the software, keep up the great work.

You can try the beta.

The new update fixed the problem. Using the Size and Position filter with the rotate filter is still buggy, but I can work around that. Thanks for all the hard work!

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