V19.02 BETA now available

Rules of Participation (Important)

  • There is NO 32-bit Windows version in this beta. It is not working yet, and I will continue to work on it. However, as a result, it may not get the Qt 5.9.7 upgrade or possibly even not upgraded at all.
  • Provide all feedback as a reply within this thread or as a GitHub Issue.
  • If using a GitHub issue, make sure you indicate the version.
  • You can reference other threads from this thread, but do not confuse others by opening new posts/threads.
  • Do not report about existing bugs that have not been indicated as fixed by this version.
  • The beta period is only going to last 7 days.
  • We are only interested in major regressions over recent versions (v19.01 and newer).
  • We are also interested in major bugs in new features and changes specific to this release.
  • There will only be another beta released if there is a critical problem that needs confirmation from testers after the fix.
  • The actual release may add some low risk fixes and additions (e.g. new filter) over the beta.


Get the beta release from this GitHub page that also includes the list of fixes, changes, and additions.

Thank You For Your Help!


It is 2019. already. We are using computers with at least 8 GB RAM etc., so… IMHO there’s absolutetly no need for a 32bit variant. :wink:

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Happy to report that interlaced exports to both .mov and .mxf now have correct field order.
Running MacOS Sierra 10.12.4

The problem with “á”, “ü”, … using GNU/Linux and the text filter was solved in this version 19.02.20.


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There is a bug that when you add a video, audio, image or even a color screen to the preview window then take that media and manually drag it to the playlist there is a long delay then that piece of media gets added twice to the playlist.

Also, every time a file gets dragged from the preview window to the timeline the message “You cannot drag an non-seekable source” pops up which is confusing because it’s showing up when it doesn’t apply. That message should be limited to when an attempt to drag an actual non-seekable source is being done.


I tried exactly what you mentioned above and same on my side, although no delay.

Computer is an iMac 2.3GHz i5 with 8GB RAM and 2GB Video memory.
OS is MacOS Sierra ver 10.12.4


Win 10 PRO. Confirmed. Video here.


Thanks for that. That captures the exact long delay that I was talking about.

Windows 10 PRO.

The overlay HTML simple scroll template has a bug.

Created a project using the new project UI. Opened a color clip. Added the overlay HTML filter. Selected the simple scroll template. The editor opened. Added text, formatted it and saved. The text does not scroll.

Created a folder manually. Started a new project and saved the mlt to that folder. Added a color clip. Applied the overlay HTML filter and selected simple scroll. The select folder dialogue opened. Selected the folder where the mlt was saved. The html editor opened. Added text and formatted. This text scrolls.

I’ve attached both projects.

Simple scroll bug.zip (40.4 KB)

The blue middle bar template does not work when a project is created with the new project UI.

Both creative commons music templates work when a project is created with the new project UI.

Did not test the blank hml and blank with web animations templates.

This bug is fixed for the release.

These two bugs are fixed for the release.

19.02 BETA is working very well. It’s been extremely stable with no crashes since the day I installed.:grin::+1:

This is resolved for the release.