Scaling problem

Newbie question:

I cropped a video and now need to scale it up to the same size as it was before the crop. The tutorial videos I have watched show filters called “rotate and scale” and “size and position” but I don’t see these filters in the version I downloaded last week. I see one called “size, position, and rotate” but that does not do the scaling I need.

Please help.

You might want to use Crop: Source if you are not. That automatically scales up to the project resolution:

If you do not maintain proper aspect ratio black bars are added, and you need to remove rows or columns from other edges to eliminate them.

size = scaling. You should try using its Zoom parameter.

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The Size & Position and the Rotate & Scale filter were merged into the Size, Position & Rotate filter a few months ago. In my opinion it is a huge improvement.

Here’s the Crop: Rectangle and the Size, Position & Rotate filter used back to back to do what you describe:
If the video above in not available, use this link

Notice that I use the mouse wheel in the preview window and in the filters tab to zoom in/out and to accurately position the video on the screen

I’m curious to know why you need to crop your video before zooming it again. Wouldn’t it be simpler to just use the SP&R filter to zoom it ?

EDIT: In the image above it should be 0.1% instead of 0.01… my mistake.

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