Saving a changed video

Hello Group… I’ve been using Shotcut for a while now and have a question. How do I save my changed/corrected video in it’s original format? I may not be explaining my 3question correctly… For example… I bring in my video, Test.MP4, 25gigs in size… I make my changes and go to save it… I select “YouTube” because some Tut video said it was the most excepted formatting. But the size comes out 3 gigs and not the original quality… Any advise/help is appreciated.

Did you select a video mode to match the format of your source file?

If your video mode matches, then the first thing you should ask yourself is why you want it to perfectly match the encoding parameters of the original file. Maybe different parameters will better suit your needs. If the Youtube preset meets your needs, then you do not need to do anything else.

Depending on your needs, if you need to change the encoding parameters, I recommend that you start with the youtube preset and then go into the Advanced section of the export UI and change one thing at a time. If you want the file size to be larger, then you could try increasing the bitrate, etc.

If all you need to do is trim the one video file, you can open it in Source, trim it via the scrub bar in the Source player (also i and o keyboard shortcuts), and then use Properties > menu > Extract Sub-clip….

Otherwise, if you are using multiple clips, filters, or timeline; the YouTube preset always gives less than original quality because the majority of video compression is a lossy process. There are intermediate and lossless preset categories in Export if your goal is to output something original quality and very large, possibly larger.

Thank You Brian… I did a few tests selecting “YouTube” but starting the project with the “Video Mode” set… I’m pleased with the results.


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