Rolled transition

I would like to know if transitions similar to this exist or can be made.
Thank you for any suggestion

Hi @mario_rava

Is this what you are looking for?

If it’s not, please provide an example of what you need.
If it is a long video, indicate at what position the transition is located.

If it is what you are looking for, I made a Filter Set you can use to replicate what you saw in the clip above.

It will work on 1980x1080 projects, set at 30 fps. (552 Bytes)

If you don’t know how to use or install a Filter Set, read this Documentation page

After installing the Filter Set, follow these steps:

  • Create a 1 second transition between to clips.
  • Make sure the transition clip is selected and go to the Properties panel.
  • Choose the Cut option and set Position to 50%
  • Go to the Filters panel
  • Open the Set category.
  • Choose the TRANS_MB__Vertical-Roll-1sec-1080p_30fps Filter Set.

Uploading: kerala_coconut_e_backwater_transizione_arrottolata.mp4…
Thank you Musical box, I had seen the transition but it is not what I need.
Sorry but I thought I attached an example. it is an mp4 file (6,3MB) but it seems like it never finishes uploading (i suppose that I am doing something wrong but I don not what) .
However this is the link for downloading it

Your example video has a weird frame rate. I converted it to 24 fps, and it should upload now.

I don’t think you can create this type of transition in Shotcut. But I could be wrong. Maybe someone else will come up with a solution for you.

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Hi @mario_rava - This is the closest I got. Not quite the same as yours but it’s a rolled page-curl. Made with Shotcut!

With a bit of work, I should be able to make the text change without the slight delay.

How I did it:
You have to use SC version 20.07.11. (It utilises the Text:HTML filter which has long since been depreciated).
It’s a GL transition, brilliantly pioneered by @elusien some years ago.
I also used his GL-transitions HTML generator.
Follow his instructions here:

I can give more detailed instructions if you’d like. I’ll do my best, however I’m a little short of time right now.

@elusien, if you’re there, I for one miss you on the forum! Hope you are well!

Thank you to you and to @MusicakBox, I will study the solution and let you know how it goes. Thank you a lot

Thank you to all, you all are the best but the solution does not work. I have tried Searching transition that is near to what I am searching but it takes long time if you have many transition to do like this in a clip.
Shotcut and the people that works in are the best,sure.

Il existe une solution avec l’aide d’un logiciel extérieur.
Avant d’utiliser SC, j’avais téléchargé la version gratuite de Movavi Video Editor qui ne dispose pas de toutes les fonctionnalités de SC, mais qui peut suffire pour du montage simple. Il dispose d’un grand choix de transitions toutes faites.
Glissez les 2 clips sur la timeline.
Glissez la transition souhaitée entre les 2.
Exportez le résultat que vous pouvez charger dans SC.

There is a solution with the help of external software.
Before using SC, I downloaded the free version of Movavi Video Editor which does not have all the features of SC, but which may be sufficient for simple editing. It has a large selection of ready-made transitions.
Drag the 2 clips onto the timeline.
Drag the desired transition between the 2 clips.
Export the result which you can load into SC.

Final result

Thank you for the wise workaround!