Reverse and Extract sub-clip in 18.12.23 not working

I have tried many times and many versions of shotcut to reverse and extract sub-clips. It does not work.

For reverse, all it does is say that the job is complete, but when I click open, it says "failed to open “…”. I go and right click and select open in folder, and all it does is open windows explorer and highlight the My Documents folder. I even opened the same folder in a separate window and rapidly hit the refresh button to see what comes up. It creates a random file with the same name for a tenth of a second, then deletes it.

For the extract, it will show the Documents folder as said above, and fail to open as well, I also go into the folder I specified it to save it to, and all I get is an audio file that is labeled as an “MP4” file. It does say the job is complete.

This happened to me once.
The solution that worked is here

Reversing a clip

Select a clip, go to Properties. Click Reverse. Click OK.
Name your file (‘Reversed’ will already be there)

This will appear in Jobs. Wait for it to start & finish!

Once done it will play automatically in the Source viewer.

I’ve got an i7-7700k (4.2GHz), 32gb ram, water cooled CPU, and for a 2 second clip, it took 30 seconds for it to process. The source file is 1920x1080, 3.4k bitrate, 60fps.

If you have a slower computer and/or a longer clip, more complex video this may take minutes possibly even hours for this to fully process depending upon your computer’s hardware and software environment.

Works for me and do not know how to reproduce the bug.

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This is fixed in next version 19.04.x