Reverse not working 18.08.14

It seems reverse is broken in 18.08.11 OS Windows 10 Pro. I’ve tried several times and it is not working. Used reverse successfully with 18.08.01.

Attached are the log files. One from source and one from timeline.

Reverse fail Source.txt (1.8 KB)

Reverse fail Timelne.txt (1.0 KB)

It worked for me in a quick test. Reverse works in two jobs. It looks like the first job is failing or producing an unreadable output. Show the log from the first job. It might be a problem specific to this clip. Also, I hope you are not using v18.08.11

I’m using 18.08.14 (typo in first post).

Tried another clip and it still doesn’t work.
The log from the job is empty.

This is the log from a different clip.

Reverse fail 08.29.18.txt (948 Bytes)

Never mind. No bug. Uninstalled and re-installed reverse is working again.:smile: