Resolution 2:39:1 aspect ratio and shotcut settings?

If my video aspect ratio is 2:39:1 Do I need to do any settings in shortcut before importing?
Do I need to make any changes to shortcut?

The video will be 4K and frame rate of 30

If you set the mode to automatic, and first import and place the 2:39:1 aspect ratio video, then it will automatically do it.

Otherwise, if you have another videos that you want to add first and those are not that aspect ratio that you want, then you will need ro swt it before.

I can’t think of any cameras that shoot in 2.39:1 aspect ratio natively without cropping or desqueezing.

So, yes you will either need to desqueeze or crop elsewhere or use the inbuilt functions of shotcut that can either crop or desqueeze or do it elsewhere and import the preconfigured files.

I use FiLMiC Pro for iphone :slight_smile:

My bad. If it makes those files natively. Just load them up.

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