Preset Locations: Filters

These are the locations (folders) of the filter presets that are both custom and default filter presets you create and have saved. To find the preset folder for your operating system, refer to the FAQ or from the main menu choose Settings > App Data Directory > Show…, your file manager opens to the location, and open the presets folder.

Preset locations as of Shotcut Version 24.02.29
Filter Name Language: English (United States)
n/a = Not Available

Preset Location Filter Name Type
bigsh0t_eq_mask 360: Equirectangular Mask Video
bigsh0t_eq_to_rect 360: Equirectangular to Rectilinear Video
bigsh0t_eq_to_stereo 360: Equirectangular to Stereographic Video
bigsh0t_hemi_to_eq 360: Hemispherical to Equirectangular Video
bigsh0t_rect_to_eq 360: Rectilinear to Equirectangular Video
bigsh0t_stabilize_360 360: Stabilize Video
bigsh0t_stabilize_360 360: Transform Video
n/a Alpha Channel: Adjust Video
n/a Alpha Channel: View Video
audioDance Audio Dance Visualization Video
audioLevelGraph Audio Level Visualization Video
audioLightshow Audio Light Visualization Video
audioSpectrum Audio Spectrum Visualization Video
audioWaveform Audio Waveform Visualization Video
n/a Blend Mode Video
boxblur Blur: Box Video
blur_exponential Blur: Expotential Video
blur_gaussian Blur: Glaussian Video
blur_lowpass Blur: Low Pass Video
blur_pad Blur: Pad Video
brightness Brightness Video
choppy Choppy Video
avfilter.chromahold Chroma Hold Video
frei0r.select0r Chroma Key: Advanced Video
frei0r.bluescreen0r Chroma Hold: Simple Video
lift_gamma_gain Color Grading Video
contrast Contrast Video
frei0r.c0rners Corner Pin Video
n/a Crop: Circle Video
cropRectangle Crop: Rectangle Video
crop Crop: Source Video
deband Deband Video
frei0r.distort0r Distort Video
dither Dither Video
elastic_scale Elastic Scale Video
n/a Fade In Video Video
n/a Fade Out Video Video
frei0r.defish0r Fisheye Video
n/a Flip Video
frei0r.glitch0r Glitch Video
frei0r.glow Glow Video
gpsgraphic GPS Graphic Video
gpstext GPS Text Video
gradient Gradient Video
frei0r.cairoimagegrid Grid Video
halftone Halftone Video
avfilter.hue Hue/Lightness/Saturation Video
n/a Invert Colors Video
frei0r.keyspillm0pup Key Spill: Advanced Video
n/a Key Spill: Simple Video
frei0r.lenscorrection Lens Correction Video
frei0r.levels Levels Video
n/a LUT (3D) Video
n/a Mask: Apply Video
maskChromaKey Mask: Chroma Key Video
n/a Mask: Draw (Glaximate) Video
maskFromFile Mask: From File Video
maskSimpleShape Mask: Simple Shape Video
n/a Mirror Video
frei0r.pixeliz0r Mosaic Video
opencv.tracker Motion Tracker Video
avfilter.random Nervous Video
nosync No Sync Video
noise_fast Noise: Fast Video
noise_keyframes Noise: Keyframes Video
dust Old Film: Dust Video
grain Old Film: Grain Video
oldfilm Old Film: Projector Video
lines Old Film: Scratches Video
tcolor Old Film: Technicolor Video
brightnessOpacity Opacity Video
posterize Posterize Video
frei0r.hqdn3d Reduce Noise: HQDN3D Video
avfilter.smartblur Reduce Noise: Smart Blur Video
vaguedenoiser Reduce Noise: Wavelet Video
n/a Reflect Video
frei0r.rgbsplit0r RGB Shift Video
frei0r.saturat0r Saturation Video
n/a Scan Lines Video
sepia Sepia Tone Video
frei0r.sharpness Sharpen Video
affineSizePosition Size, Position & Rotate Video
charcoal Sketch Video
spotRemover Spot Remover Video
n/a Stabilize Video
richText Text: Rich Video
dynamicText Text: Simple Video
threshold Threshold Video
timer Timer Video
avfilter.tmix Trails Video
n/a Unpremultiply Alpha Video
vertigo Vertigo Video
vignette Vignette Video
wave Wave Video
frei0r.colgate White Balance Video
Preset Location Filter Name Type
ambisonic-decoder Ambisonic Decoder Audio
audioBalance Balance Audio
ladspa.1892 Band Pass Audio
ladspa.1882 Compressor Audio
n/a Copy Channel Audio
ladspa.1192 Delay Audio
n/a Downmix Audio
15BandEq Equalizer: 15-Band Audio
3BandEq Equalizer: 3-Band (Bass & Treble) Audio
parametricEq Equalizer: Parametric Audio
ladspa.1883 Expander Audio
n/a Fade In Audio Audio
n/a Fade Out Audio Audio
volume Gain / Volume Audio
ladspa.1890 High Pass Audio
n/a lnvert Audio
ladspa.1913 Limiter Audio
ladspa.1891 Low Pass Audio
n/a Mute Audio
ladspa.1410 Noise Gate Audio
dynamic_loudness Normalize: One Pass Audio
n/a Normalize: Two Pass Audio
ladspa.1894 Notch Audio
audioPan Pan Audio
rbpitch Pitch Audio
ladspa.1216 Reverb Audio
stereoEnhance Stereo Enhancer Audio
n/a Swap Channels Audio
Preset Location Filter Name Type
audioDeclick Declick Time
speedForwardReverse Speed: Forward & Reverse Time
speedForward Speed: Forward Only Time
timeremap Time Remap Time

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