Possible bug - font selector in text filter

Is this a bug?

  1. Apply a text filter to a clip.
  2. Click on font selector (button marked “Verdana Bold 60” in the following image):

Works fine, dialog box appears.

However, if you DOUBLE-CLICK on the font selector (step 2) by mistake, the dialog box disappears.
I found it hasn’t gone completely, it’s now BEHIND the main SC window.

I have experienced this, too. I guess you could call it a bug. Unfortunately, UI behavior like that is under the control of the Qt UI framework that Shotcut uses. It is unlikely to be something that can be fixed in the Shotcut code.

Fair enough. Thanks Brian!

I was about to write a bug report about this last week, but then realized where the window went.

Did you both experience this on windows? I have only seen it on Linux?

Yes. Windows 10.

Windows 10 Home 1803 64Bit, 18.10.08 64Bit


  • Open Shotcut
  • Imported one MP4 (my usual test file)
  • From filters panel select Text
  • Click to change font.
  • Click anywhere outside of that font selection box, and the dialog box goes behind Shotcut. I have to hover my mouse over the taskbar in windows to bring it it back up. As long as I stay on the font selector box, I’m fine, it stays on top.

If I drag the font selector box to a different monitor (I have two monitors), it still acts the same way, if I click something other than Shotcut, it fall behind what ever window I click on the 2nd monitor.

I don’t run Linux, going to try it real soon.

Hey, you’re right, it does, @Hudson555x. So not only double-clicking on the font selector button.

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