PNG Image Sequence: how to export and maintain transparency?

Hi - I have imported a sequence of PNG images matched 1:1 vs frame of another video. The PNG images have a transparent background and I want to overlay them on the second video. However, when I export the PNG sequence, the background is converted to a black background.

Are there settings on the export that will maintain the transparent background?


I can think of two ways to handle this.

  1. why not import the other video into the project with the PNG images and place the other video on a track beneath the PNG image sequence?
  2. you could export the sequence of PNG images as a WebM VP9 video. It keeps the transparency. Then import the WebM VP9 video into the project with the other video.

Hi @beermati
Maybe this will help:

I don’t know how to do that in shotcut, as I have never tried a transparent png sequence in shotcut. But if you have done the animation in blender, than you could render again with transparency on and it will export transparent videos. Because blender is the only program I know that exports in low file size when we are exporting transparency, otherwise most of the video editors use mov, which creates huge sizes.

Thanks for those replies! I’ve tried several options without success.

@pbattersby : option 1 doesn’t work since the “overlay” size is different. The overlay only is 1280x100 vs 1280x720 on the primary video. I tried option 2 and this seems to work, thank you!

@MusicalBox - thanks for that additional option

@Ar_D - Thanks, unfortunately I do not have Blender.

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You may already know this, but just in case - Blender is FOSS (free and open source), so should be readily available to you if you want to install it. It does have a steep learning curve …

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