.Png and .Tif files with alpha channel doesn't work


I’m trying to import pictures with alpha channel, with or without text included. and it is imposible to work fine in any Shotcut version, (i tried in mac and pc version).

On windows systems, .png files never works the alpha. and tiff, some of them works, but only first steps, when i reopen the project, nothing work fine, and the tranparence dissapears…

any solution??

So far I haven’t had any problems when I’ve used PNG with transparency, but I use Xara Designer to create my PNG with alpha.
Maybe you can post a PNG of yours?

I do my PNGs in Photoshop, here I upload one of them.

It works in shotcut in mac, but not in windows.

I can’t understand why, but i tried in some Pc with windows, and no one works.

Maybe you know, what am i doind wrong, or maybe you can send to me, if you don’t mine, one of yours to try in my pc!


What’s the point of a totally transparent image??

It is very usefull, shotcut has not any text tool, in this software the text is a filter. So, if you apply the text filter in a transparent clip, you can put it where you want in v2, over the other video layer, over one or more clips… You understand?

It is kind a way to convert a filter in a tool…

Filter is just a name. It’s still a text tool.

I use version 17

I [think] I do, but it is not necessary. You can have all kinds of text anywhere as an overlay, even with transitions for the text.

It is not a tool because it doesn’t work independent, it is a filter that needs to be applyed into any clip.

When i said V2, i meant Video track 2. I explain better:

Text in shotcut, needs to be applyed into a filter, it is not a clip by itself, so if you need to put a watermark, for example, or you want to put some texts changing independents over the clips of video.

With a transparent clip in V2, (video track 2) over the video clips (that are in V1 (video track 1), it is the fast way and sometimes it is the only way to do some kind of things with the text. if you need it with different duration than the video clips.

If you use to work with any other NLE, i think you`ll understand me.

Look, I’m not going to argue semantics with you, and if your method works, fine. But it’s not necessary to import a transparent PNG bitmap into a 2nd track to apply a text overlay [with a transition] exactly where you want it. There have been a number of posts explaining how over the last months including video tutorials from other members.
The fact that you are having ‘issues’ with your alpha channel PNGs should be enough to motivate you to seek out this other method which doesn’t require any PNG [or tiff] imports

And thanks, I am fully aware of other NLE’s… :slight_smile:

I agree with @manuzapa the transparent png solution is from far the easier and Quicker way. You can remove it quickly, move right of left at the end of your work if you change your mind, make it inependant of clips, Copy /paste and modify…

I did mine with Gimp.
Maybe you need to limitate it to 8 bits.

It’s already 8 bits.

And I’ve had transparency issues with png’s in Shotcut as well. I like to add text as png because of the freedom sometimes. Normally to add a transparent clip I use File > Open Other… and create a color with full transparency there. 0x00000000.

A png is not just a png. You’ll know when you’ve done enough OpenGL C++ programming using various supports libs, custom file loaders etc.
Just like RGB is not just RGB especially when you add alpha. ARGB or RGBA? ABGR? 8 or 16 bit per color or what? And how do you split 8 in 3? Does the green and red get 3 and the blue 2? Or another way? Etc.
People seem to disagree. I have had some weird issues with Photoshop pngs in particular. At one point I simply had to open everything in GraphicsGale, set the pixel format and File > Save as…

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Will try tonight with my PNG and will send it to you for testing purpose…

Edit : here they are .Fonds.zip (1.2 KB)

Working OK on Feb 17 version. I’m updating to verify
Confirmed that it works on march version’s too.

Thanks a lot to everybody for the fast answers!!

And Keno40, Grazie Mille for the PNGs.

I am an editor in TV, i used to work in avid, final cut, premiere…

But for a seminary with student’s project, I need this because it is a free software and multiplatform.

For a lot of reasons, Shotcut is a wonderful project, and a nice and romantic idea, and I hope someday it will become a great program that many people use.

But right now it’s too young and half-finished software. And if above, we add to this that I already have the head very squared for the professional NLE systems… This seminary is being a pain in my ass !! Ahahah

Again, thanks for the help to everybody !!

Good point.

Confirm for version 17.03 and 17.04
I have the same problem

Transparency does not work even if I create a color open other -> color and then create a color with alpha channel
There is not transparency at all.

Which OS?

I use W10 Pro and have the most recent Radeon drivers. No problems here with Alpha transparency here.

I have windows 10 installed on my pc.

Probably it works on your pc because you did some upgrade and previous install leave some good libraries, but with fresh install here does not seem to work at all…I just suppose something like this.

Doubt it. I suggest you check for Windows and display driver updates, Scan for Malware and run sfc /scannow from elevated cmd. Always good to cold boot your PC if you don’t already.

the computer is clear and everything is updated.
It does not work neither from warm or cold boot.

Does alpha transparency work in other applications?

Can you try with the png I posted above?