Please test the BETA for version 21.10

Rules of Participation (Important)

  • We are primarily interested in major regressions since version v21.08.29.
  • We are also interested in major bugs in new features and changes specific to this release.
  • Do not report about existing bugs that have not been indicated as fixed by this version.
  • Provide all feedback as a reply within this thread or as a GitHub Issue.
    If using a GitHub issue, make sure you indicate the version.
  • The beta period will end by October 29.
  • There may or may not be a release candidate version before the release.


Get the beta release from this GitHub page that also includes the list of fixes, changes, and additions.

Thank You For Your Help!


I’m super excited about the Mask: Chroma Key filter. As mentioned, it could be a huge asset for selective color grading.


I haven’t been able to undo a deletion of a solo marker or the last marker.

If there is only one marker, and I right-click on it, choose Delete, and click on the Undo button on the toolbar, the marker doesn’t reappear.
If there are more than two markers, the same operation works well and the deleted marker will reappear unless it is the last one.

The last one is typically the right most one, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. It is the last one created. Marker-3 doesn’t accept undo delete even if Marker-2 is located rightward in the timeline.

Same behavior when I use Ctrl+Alt+M to delete a marker and Ctrl+Z to undo it.

Thanks @shotcut and @brian for adding the additional functionality to selecting multiple clips and for (finally) markers! All very important and very much needed! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, good to see ya again @TRA!

How about we go tag team on this beta thread? :sunglasses:

My turn:

1 - If you have snapping on, Markers won’t snap to the playhead when moving them around. Can this be added? It’d be very useful when moving a marker around and setting the start/end of a range to where the playhead is.

2 - When setting a range while pressing Ctrl and moving the mouse, it has to be in a very particular spot on that marker (i.e. not too high and not too low) before pressing the mouse button down otherwise it won’t start the range. This is even if you have the tool tip for that marker appear. But when you simply want to move that marker, it’s less sensitive to where you are pointing at that marker with the mouse. As long as the tool tip has appeared for that marker you want to move, it will grab on to it when you hold the mouse button down. Can this be adjusted when setting a range with Ctrl that way it’s not so sensitive to where it’s being clicked on so it’s as easy as it is when you want to move a marker?

3 - Markers don’t highlight when you select them with the mouse like it happens with clips on the timeline. Can that be added to markers?

4 - Right now, there is no multi-select for markers. So if a user has like 20 markers and wanted to delete them all from the project it would be very time consuming doing them one by one. I suggest adding an option in the right click menu for the time ruler to delete all markers like in the Other category.

5 - I don’t see a shortcut to seek to markers. How about Alt + the up and down arrow keys to seek to the next available marker? It’s consistent with the set shortcut for seeking around clips which is Alt + the left and right arrow keys.

6 - In the Marker Edit menu, both the OK and Close buttons acknowledge any changes made in all parameters. So they both do the same thing which doesn’t make sense. It should be that only OK sets the changes while Close simply closes the menu ignoring any changes that were just made.

7 - Pretty much any action related to markers like setting one down, moving one, setting a range, changing the name, etc… does not let Shotcut know that the project was modified. That means not only does an asterix not get added in the upper left where the name of the project is but also a user can set a marker down or do any other action with a marker then close Shotcut and Shotcut won’t ask the user if they want to save the modification that was just made related to markers.

8 - In the Marker Edit menu, the space where the name of the Marker is says “Text”. Can it be changed to “Name” instead? It would make more sense.

9 - Can a duration timer be added in Marker Edit menu under Start and End? It would be very useful to know how long a range lasts for.

10 - The notes for this beta says:

Export > From lists all Ranges.

This could be a problem. What if a project has 20 different set ranges? Then all 20 are going to be listed in the From menu? I suggest adding in the Markers Edit menu an option with a checkbox that says “Add Range To Export”. When the checkbox is selected, that range gets added to Export > From. So instead of adding everything it will just add the ones the user actually wants. Also, this option would only become available when an actual range has been set. If the Start and End times are the same then the option is grayed out.

Or even simpler, add the “Add Range To Export” option to the right click menu in between Edit and Delete when you right click on a set range in the time ruler.

11 - If you copy multiple clips that are on different tracks like this:

and want to paste them one track higher with no track created above it, then it overrides clips like this:

Is there a way to program it so that if it more tracks are needed that haven’t been created yet in order to keep the layout of the copied clips then Shotcut will just automatically create the needed amount of tracks? That way it would instead go from the first picture to this one:

Is it just me- I’m not seeing the “From” to select a range to export from- just the normal file dialog to name the exported file.
Windows version.

The From drop down menu is in the Export panel right above the checkbox to use hardware encoder.

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Marker functionality will not be expanded during the beta - only fixes.

3 - Markers don’t highlight when you select them
4 - Right now, there is no multi-select for markers.

Markers are not selectable, and I doubt they ever will be.

What if a project has 20 different set ranges? Then all 20 are going to be listed in the From menu?

Yes. If you have an extremely large number the menu will scroll. There will be no change in this area in the near term.

11 - If you copy multiple clips… Shotcut will just automatically create the needed amount of tracks?

Yes, it already does that, but in your case additional tracks are not needed: you copied from 2 video tracks and pasted into 2 video tracks. If you want what you show in picture 3, you need to add the V3 video track and ensure it is current track before you paste. I am not going to change this behavior.

Fixed. Thanks.

I do not experience this difficulty to the degree you describe. In my testing, I can grab the end of the marker as long as the mouse has turned into the hand cursor. The key is that you have to grab the “end” of the marker - you can’t grab the skinny bar that connects the two ends. If this still does not match your experience, maybe you can share a screenshot or video.



I am open to this idea, but would like opinions from others

Fixed. Thanks.

Fixed. Thanks.

I am not sure if it makes more sense or not. Some day, that text will indicate the chapter title. Or it indicates the range to export. So I am unsure if “name” is better than “text”. I am interested in other people’s opinions.



They were needed because as I said I “want to paste them one track higher”. To paste them one track higher you have to select the track above it which was V2 in that case. But since there was no V3 it just overrode the tracks in V1. I know that I have to create that new track myself to accommodate it but since this might be a common occurrence with users I suggested the automatic creation of a new track when needed to avoid possible confusion.

There’s a misunderstanding. I don’t mean the markers when the range has already been set. I mean the markers when it’s only marking one frame. In that mode trying to grab on to a single frame marker using Ctrl and the left click mouse button is more difficult than simply grabbing a single frame marker to move it with the left click. It’s much more sensitive to a particular spot with Ctrl whereas with just left mouse click you can grab the single frame marker anywhere as long as the tool tip is up.

Well, Text would make sense if it was a separate parameter in addition to Name. Some other programs have parameters for markers that include two spaces to type something and they will literally call the first one “Name” and the other either something like “Comment” or “Notes”. But all there is here is just one space that isn’t really enough for full notes. Hence my suggestion to call it “Name”.

There is another option though. And that is to not call that space anything. :slightly_smiling_face: Final Cut Pro doesn’t.

In fact, on second thought I’m now on the not naming that space anything train. When you open up the Edit menu it’s obvious what the user can do with that space so it doesn’t need any name. And the advantage to that is that you can make the space to type longer which would be appreciated.

By the way, @brian, can a future update to markers have snapping applicable to them? It really is an expectation since it’s so useful.

In the release notes it says:

Press Ctrl+Alt+M when the playhead is on the exact start start time of a marker to Delete it.

For some reason that doesn’t work for me.

when the playhead is on the exact start start time of a marker” means this right?

I click on a marker to align the playhead with it, then do Ctrl+Alt+M and nothing appens.

I see @TRA says above that UNDO doesn’t work after doing Ctrl+Alt+M so this means the shortcut works for him.

Maybe because I’m using the portable version of 21.10 ?

Neither of the two Ctrl keys +Alt+M works for me

Please forget my post. My keyboard was malfunctioning. It has nothing to do with left or right Ctrl key.

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Ok… But Ctrl+Alt+M works for you right? It does delete the marker?

Wait… I just tried something
Shift+Ctrl+Alt+M does delete the marker.

Yeah, it’s clearly working if it’s just one marker.

If I make two markers and delete the first one Marker-1, then I can’t delete the second marker Marker-2.

Maybe Shift+Ctrl+Alt+M is working for a single marker?

Shift+Ctrl+Alt+M works when there are multiple markers… But not for all.
In the example below, I try Shift+Ctrl+Alt+M on all 3 but it doesn’t work on marker #2

When I try to delete marker #2, it’s #3 that gets erased instead

Yeah, that was my experience too. Some other marker gets erased when my playhead is on top of a marker.

Shift shouldn’t be a factor here. Do you see the same problem without Shift?

There has been a fix made about indexing here:

This might have been the solution.

Ctrl+Alt+M is being “stolen” by the GeForce Experience on Windows. It happened to me too. See here

I reassigned the shortcut in GeForce Experience to use Shift+Alt+M, and Ctrl+Alt+M works for me now in Shotcut. Maybe I will add an alternative to prevent this common problem.