Shotcut MP4 files do not work?

Hi, I am a newcomer. I’ve created some extremely simple 1920x1080 MP4 files using Shotcut’s default settings. They do not play back properly using using the latest VLC - they are full or artifacts and blocks for several seconds, and Davinci Resolve does not accept them at all (it says “Media Offline”). I don’t think I’ve changed any settings, just imported some test videos, and exported as a default baseline MP4: and they don’t work. Can you please suggest/explain what I am doing wrong? I would appreciate if the MP4 videos produced by Shotcut played back on VLC and were accepted by Davinci Resolve. Thanks.

If I use “High Profile” instead of the default “Baseline”, the MP4 videos seems to work both in VLC and Davinci Resolve. Am I the the only one experiencing this issue?

On the Timeline click on Output, then Properties. What does this show?

Tested all 4 export profiles on version 21.10.07

Video Mode: HD 1080p 30fps
Made a simple 2 second video using Shotcut.

VLC shapshots from each video.

Thank you for your replies.

If I use 1920x1080 baseline, it is: resolution 1920x1080, frame rate 29,97 (unnecessary change because my source material is 25), format yuv420p, color space ITU-R BT.709.

If I use PAL SD, it is: resolution 656x480, frame rate 29,97 (which is not correct, I think), format yuv420p, color space ITU-R BT.601.

Both outputs fail to play correctly, as for VLC and DaVinci Resolve.

Sorry, not quite understanding what you are saying. Maybe you’re entering Advanced in the export panel when you don’t need to.

When the Video Mode is set, when you export, it takes on the video mode settings when exporting, unless you change them.

I didn’t know any of your specifications before, so I just made up my own scenario to give you an illustration.

Is your source video 1920x1080, 25fps?
Is there a specific reason why you are wanting to export H.264 Baseline?
If export at just “Default” with that video work for your needs?

Thank you for your reply. My source material is either PAL SD or 1920x1080 25 fps. The figures I wrote above were shown when clicking on the timeline: “Properties”.

I am not familiar with Shotcut to understand which features it really uses when exporting. I’ll try different options to see if I can understand which options cause the videos to fail (well, they play, but they start with lots of blocking) as for VLC.

This is how you enter Advanced section of Export. I do not know if you have entered here and made changes.

If you have one video at PAL SD, and one at 1920x1080 25fps, and leave the Video Mode set to “Automatic” your video mode will be set to the first video opened in Shotcut. I don’t know what your PAL SD video’s FPS is PAL SD doesn’t tell me what the FPS is. If it’s different than the 1920x1080 25fps video, then it may cause problems.

Here is how you check each video clip’s properties:
From the timeline click on a clip, then click properties.

You did not state if you have checked “User Hardware Encoder”. If you have, uncheck that.

Thanks. That has been checked. I’ll try without it.

YES, YES, YES. Unchecking the hardware encoder => the MP4 files play back correctly!!!

I have an NVidia Geforce 1050 Ti with the latest drivers and thought it should work, but apparently it does not.

Great thanks for this suggestion!!!

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