Please test BETA version 21.08

Rules of Participation (Important)

  • We are primarily interested in major regressions over the latest version v21.06.29.
  • We are also interested in major bugs in new features and changes specific to this release.
  • Do not report about existing bugs that have not been indicated as fixed by this version.
  • Provide all feedback as a reply within this thread or as a GitHub Issue.
    If using a GitHub issue, make sure you indicate the version.
  • The beta period will end by August 29.
  • There may or may not be a release candidate version before the release.


Get the beta release from this GitHub page that also includes the list of fixes, changes, and additions.

Thank You For Your Help!


Haven’t tested yet… but if you create a Deband filter wiki page, I can move updated documentation into it. Might help some users with their testing.


  1. Simply attempting to drag and drop a video or picture from Source tab to the Timeline causes Shotcut to crash.
    Workaround is to use Append, Paste, or Overwrite because they are working fine.

  2. Apply Brightness filter to a clip. Click the keyframe button in that filter view to show the advanced keyframe view. Attempt to move the solo keyframe already created there without creating another one. The keyframe moves to 00:00 point of the clip and gets stuck there.
    This also happened with Size, Position, and Rotate filter, so it’s not liimited to curved keyframable parameters. If there are two or more keyframes, this doesn’t happen.

Also dragging from Playlist crashes Shotcut.

Thanks, fixed

I’m testing this beta ver on Win10. Found several bugs in this ver.

  1. Playlist is empty even i loaded a file. But in Properties tab, it shows all the properties. At first the clip is in the playlist but when i go to filter, properties and export tab, the list is empty.
  2. When moved clips to left or right and place the playhead on the clip, Shotcut just crash. (random, can’t reproduce it again)
  3. Keyframe nodes does not show up.
  4. Rearrange filter position causes random freeze.
  5. Progress bar during export (using H.264 Main) is 121% even before it finish. Seems like a random thing. Tried 5 times and only happened once.
  6. Hardware detection during export shows Nothing found but still select a hardware even i have diselect it. Tried 5 times and only happened once.

I do not reproduce any of these except the last. You need to add playlist items or keyframes to see something in these places. Adding a clip to the Timeline does not automatically add it to Playlist. Adding a filter does not automatically add parameters in Keyframes.

When you manually select a hardware encoder, click Detect, and nothing is found Shotcut does not unselect things. That is not new behavior, but I can change it. At first, I was not sure that detection would be very reliable and did not want to change the current configuration if detection seems to be failing due to reliability.

I did add items to the playlist.

My pc doesn’t have hardware encoder. I’m using old Nvidia which does not have the feature.

I have uploaded new builds with version number 21.08.11 to the github beta page to address the crash bug when dragging to the timeline. I felt the need to get that fix ASAP to facilitate testing as it would be too much in the way or discourage other testers.


Small problem with the Reflect filter.

  1. Set the Mode parameter to Left, Bottom or Top
  2. Select another filter applied to the clip
    Any action that removes focus from the Reflect filter.
  3. Got back to the Reflect filter.

On the Mode menu, it says Right instead of the mode previously chosen.

Thanks, fixed

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I found another problem with the Reflect filter.

  1. Place a clip in the timeline

  2. Add a Reflect filter and select a mode.

  3. Add a SP&R filter above Reflect to adjust the center.
    Adjust the center as desired.

  4. Add another SP&R filter under Reflect (To zoom if there are empty areas)

  5. Zoom at more than 100%

The image is OK in the viewer if Preview Scaling is at 360p, but will get distorted at the None, 540p or 720p settings.

Distorted results after exporting as well. As frame or as video.

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Not going to fix

That looks awesome! Can it reflect the edge of a clip and reflect it like a kaleidoscope?

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Good catch. Fixed.

Here’s what it looks like with one SP&R and two Reflect



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Here’s the context to that question, in other video editors, they have this functionality to help fill in areas when you do a zoom transition, similar to the technique below.

I want to see if the reflect filter will now allow the same