Please do not remove Text: HTML

Dear friends.
I use credit rolls a lot for my videos. If Shotcut eliminates html text effect from it’s software, then how will I be able to do the same effect without the HTML filter? Does anyone know if by removing the filter, shotcut will add a scroll filter in it’s place?
Thank you so much for all your help.

There’s a replacement for the HTML filter, but I have no idea what it looks like or what’s included in it.

Doing scrolling text (horizontal or vertical) just by using simple text and keyframes is do-able. It’s the only way I do it, in fact.

Thank you so much for your fast reply. Do you know of any tutorials on how to do scroll text with key frames?
Thank you again.

This YouTube list should get you started. I haven’t previewed any of them, but what you’re looking for should be here somewhere.

Thank you so much my friend. You have been such a great help.

It is relatively simple:

Create your text on a clip, either by using the Text:simple filter or (outside Shotcut) create e.g. a PNG file with your text on it and import it as a clip.

e.g. Apply the Size & Position Filter to the clip, and use simple keyframes to set the position of the top of the clip at the beginning to just below the bottom of the screen and the position of the bottom of the clip at the end to just above the top of the screen. Et Voila - as the playhead progresses through the clip the text will smoothly move across the screen from bottom to top.

Thank you dankhara for asking the question, and thanks RickS for your insight. This has been on my short list to research… Now i know where to go :slight_smile:

Just installed new version 20.07.11 and noting with relieve, the Text:HTML filter is still there… :relieved:

Yes indeed - as I understand it, 20.07.11 is a relatively minor upgrade compared to the upgrade to 20.06 so the Text:HTML filter isn’t taken off … yet… hurray!! :smile: :smile:

@jonray That’s it, exactly. And I think, every little upgrade without taking the filter off is a good upgrade, isn’t it? And real cause for real joy… :joy: :wink:


Due to the insurmountable problem of removing the TEXT: HTML filter, a plausible solution had to be found.

I am facing the problem of displaying a lot of text for an educational audience in a training video. Unfortunately, manual adjustment of each word in this situation is categorically unacceptable.

Many are familiar with the free OBS broadcast program. In addition to broadcasting, it allows you to record video and create a scene with HTML code display. Also allows you to write your own CSS.

You can create HTML, play it, and record it as a separate video file with a key background. You can then add this video to your wonderful video.

I would be glad if this turns out to be a window of opportunity after unrelenting removal of the Text: HTML filter.

Here is a link to the HTML/CSS supported in the Rich Text filter.

You do not need Text: HTML for that.

Yes. But I need smooth text scrolling from bottom to top or news line effect. Including the desired and other interesting effects for animating text transitions between scenes.

HTML dramatically reduces the amount of manual work typically associated with keyframes.

But I am ready to accept another proposal from the existing set of filters for the design of animated text.

Text: Rich does that.

Including the desired and other interesting effects for animating text transitions between scenes.

That is vague, but Shotcut is limited and especially as an animation program. HTML does not help much with that unless you can program. You can use OBS if you want for that. I suggest people look for an animation program that provides a visual authoring environment. We will probably increase our text capabilities in the future in ways that does not require programming.

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I’m still using the 20.07.11 version, which included Text: HTML for the last time. And it still works perfectly… :v:

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But newer filters come with latest updates, you should use the text: html version for just texts and your favourite discontinued effects, and latest versions for newer features.

That’s a good idea, maybe I will do so in the more far future. :thinking: But above all it was more important to me to be able to keep the Text: HTML filter (especially for not losing older projects). The other filters on version 20.07.11 are completely sufficient for my purposes. :slightly_smiling_face: So thanx for the reply and stay negative! :mask:

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There are already many new features released in the alpha (beta?) release, First one is Deband and extra VUI Handles (You don’t need to download the VUI handles because there implemented in the alpha release 21.08), this version has a lot new features packed in it.