Overlays works with one track order but not the other

Hi !

I don’t want the picture to “blend”: I want the top one to show the one below when it shows outside its borders.

As you see it works with one order but not the other, and both tracks on are in additive blending mode. No blending mode does anyting but blend pixels, not stacking one picture on the other given order.
Linux, Endeavoros, last kernel etc
Shotcut 21.10.31, 64 bit (I guess ??)

I guess it’s a bug ?

Do you mean that if you put the “book” clip on top, you want to show through the “fire” clip in the black area on the right of the book? If so, here is the key question: Are the black borders around the book actually part of the clip? Or have you sized the book clip down, leaving space around the book?

If the black borders are actually part of the clip, then Shotcut is correctly showing you those black borders, not whatever is underneath. To fix this, you can apply a Crop:Rectangle filter to crop the clip to just the book itself. Make sure to set the Padding Color to Transparent (i.e., Alpha Channel = 0).

Your description is difficult to understand, but you might be affected by a bug with Insert Track introduced in version 21.10

The bug is not limited to insert on V1. Unfortunately, there is no easy workaround. You can use Add Video Track, move all the clips from problem track to the new track, and remove the problem track.

it was very much a bug which didn’t show up again afterwards.
Sorry if I had trouble expressing myself. Of course the black borders aren’t part of the picture… Iwould circumcize myself with a flint fragment if I were to bother people and not check that out first :laughing:
For the other problem, I did move stuff around, which is much easier now that group selection and moves work. Congrats guys. Working on shotcut for two days, it’s a blast, features just work and are relatively straightforward to learn. Many thanks.

Yikes - glad you didn’t have to go down that road (with the flint fragment)!

Sorry to imply that you did not think of this - often questions come up on the forum from folks who are very new to video editing in general, so it seems to be helpful not to assume too much at first. :slight_smile:

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