Obscure Part of a Video Using the "Spot Remover" filter

I have created a short (3 minute) video on how to obscure part of a video using the “Spot Remover” filter .

There are other ways to do this, e.g. using the “Mask: Simple Shape” filter followed by the “Mosaic” and “Mask: Apply” filters, but I find this one to be the simplest and is probably the easiest to use.


Nice! It is easier and faster than using the Mask: Simple Shape filter.
One small error maybe ? At 2:51 you say: “If the area to be obscured rotates, just keyframe the filter’s Rotate parameter”, but the Spot Remover filter doesn’t have a Rotate parameter :no_mouth:

You are absolutely right - thanks for the heads-up. I got confused as I am trying to do 2 tutorials at the same time. I have updated the video to remove this and to give it a better title.


Nice little tutorial, @elusien!

Thank you. I’ve managed to get a bit of time to do things like this. I only play golf twice a week at the moment - much too hot otherwise (it was 39.5°C the other day) and walking around 7km on our hilly course can be quite tiring- and although I still have one or two improvements to do to my golf competition app, they are low priority.

I’m planning on doing other short (< 5mins) tutorial on other aspects of Shotcut and on my golf app.


That’s great news. Looking forward to watch those tutorials.

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Ouch! It’s 19°C here in the UK and cloudy - the height of our summer … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Great tutorial! I look forward to the others!

This is so cool!
I just practised it on an old video and successfully removed the dog collar from the vicar’s neck :rofl:


Marika, So glad to have helped. You might be interested in looking at the “resources” section of my website that deals with various ways of enhancing the “Shotcut exoerience”.


hi there,
I’m using the way suggested on this thread but the result is bad: how can you blur the face in this video?

You need to add more keyframes to the filter. At the moment you appear to have only have the starting and end positions keyframed. You need to add more, as shown in my tutorial video.

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In fact, that clip needs about 25 keyframes

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it’s better now, right?
Just last thing: it’s possible to change the “intensity” of blur effect?

Nowadays, there are possibilities to reveal, for example, a face hidden by blur filters, mosaics, etc. I think it will be safer to use, for example, an object - a picture (e.g. a simple geometric figure such as a square, a circle filled with color, pattern)

I haven’t checked it, but if the object to be covered changes position, then the object tracking mode filter would be more helpful (useful) in this situation.

I forgot to add that the Motion Tracker filter is available in the alpha version of Shotcut and in some cases it may require more effort from the user.

You can’t adjust the intensity of the Spot Remover filter.

What you could do though is use these filters instead, in that order:

Set the width and height of the Mask: Simple Shape filter to maximum (100%).
The mosaic filter can be substituted by one of the blur filters.
The intensity of the mosaic or the blur can be adjusted.
The Crop: Rectangle filter is used (with keyframes) to set the size and position of the area to be hidden.


thank you so much

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Il n’est pas nécessaire de mettre un filtre “Crop: Rectangle” pour déplacer la zone à cacher.
Il est possible de déplacer cette zone directement avec les paramètres du filtre “Mask: Simple Shape”
Dans cet exemple j’ai remplacé le filtre “Mosaic” par “Blur: Gaussien” qui visualise plus précisément le mouvement du masque sans l’aide de “Crop: Rectangle”

It is not necessary to set a “Crop: Rectangle” filter to move the area to be hidden.
It is possible to move this area directly with the “Mask: Simple Shape” filter settings
In this example I have replaced the “Mosaic” filter with “Blur: Gaussian” which visualizes more precisely the movement of the mask without the help of “Crop: Rectangle”

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C’est une bonne alternative @Namna. Mais en raison des difficultés pour déplacer la zone masquée dans le filtre Masque: Forme Simple, souvent je préfère utiliser le filtre Crop: Rectangle. Même en tenant compte de l’astuce expliquée ici.

Par contre, Masque: Forme Simple permet d’adoucir le contour de la zone masquée, ce qui peut être un avantage, puisqu’on ne peut pas le faire en avec Crop: Rectangle

This is a good alternative @Namna. But because it is difficult to move the hidden area in the Mask: Simple Shape filter I often prefer to use the Crop: Rectangle filter. Even taking into account the tip explained here.

On the other hand, Mask: Simple Shape allows to soften the outline of the masked area, which can be desirable and you can’t do it using Crop: Rectangle.

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Merci pour cette précision. J’en déduis que vous utilisez “Crop: Rectangle” afin de bénéficier d’un contrôle par le VUI car “Mask: Simple Shape” n’en n"a toujours pas.
C’est une solution de contournement originale et efficace, peu d’entre nous ont du y penser.
Vous auriez du en parler dans le tutoriel que vous avez publié ici et que je viens de découvrir grâce à ce lien
Beaucoup d’entre-nous vont être intéressés en attendant une version d’origine prévue de longue date sur la feuille de route.
Afin de ne pas polluer ce tutoriel d’ @Elusien concernant le filtre “Spot remover” je bascule sur sur le vôtre.

Thanks for this clarification. I deduce that you use “Crop: Rectangle” in order to benefit from a control by the VUI because “Mask: Simple Shape” still doesn’t have one.
This is an original and efficient workaround, few of us must have thought of it.
You should have mentioned it in the tutorial you published here and that I just discovered through this link
Many of us will be interested in waiting for a long planned original version on the roadmap.
In order not to pollute this tutorial of @Elusien concerning the filter “Spot remover” I switch on yours.

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