New laptop problems: with Hebrew text when exported

Hi everyone,

I have a new Dell laptop and the Hebrew (right to left language) displays left to right when I export. While in shotcut editing panel, the Hebrew is displayed correctly (right to left).
I also have an older laptop and a very old pc with shotcut and this isn’t an issue on these computers (Hebrew displays correctly in shotcut and also after export).

I searched the forum and didn’t find an answer (if there is an answer, please direct me to it!)

I tried adding more Hebrew fonts (and of course I write in Hebrew on this laptop) and also have upgraded to 21.06.29 and still have the issue.

Any suggestions or tweaks I can try?

Your problem sounds similar to this, but the difference is that it is just starting from wrong direction, I do not have hebrew language installed on my PC, that’s the reason I can’t check it out, I will need to install it and then check it.

Any other person who has hebrew installed can check it out before me, they might provide the best answer. Or if nothing is found out, than that could possibly be a bug.

Thank you.
A change has occurred between today and yesterday: today the Hebrew doesn’t show up at all in the exported video. Yesterday it would show up backwards (left to right), today nothing.

It still presents accurately in the editing panel however.

I have tried installing Hebrew, but it just fails when it reaches 55-60%.

I can’t help now in any way, there are many helpful users here to solve out this.

Have you tried to restart your PC, and check if your language is installed correctly and totally. I can’t tell more than that, because I don’t have hebrew, which makes my answers a pure guess.

I assume you are using the Text: Simple filter. I know that the Text: Rich filter works for me, so you could try that. See:

That’s true, I’m using simple text filter. I’ll try rich text…
I’m using 21.06.29, windows 10 and system locale is English US.
thanks for the input!
I haven’t used rich text before, so I’m off to look into that.


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Fantastic: text rich filter works for the Hebrew. Also enjoy the flexibility: I should’ve been using this sooner. Thanks to everyone for the help!

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You are right. Simple Text filer does not work for Hebrew. The Rich Text filer works fine.

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