Supporting right to left text

Win 10 64 bit

when writing a text in Hebrew’ right to left in the text filter, the text is shown from end to start. To explain, if it would be English, the word “start” would have been shown as “treats”.

Also, the indentation is wrong - right and left

Farther more’ while exporting the text is actually come out fine. Therefore what you see in the preview is not what you get in the export’ so you need to guess…



I have the same problem. When I have typed the Hebrew text into the Text filer, for example in English I typed “apple”, when I export the video, I got “elppa”. However, when I see the Preview through the Timeline, everything is fine.

I have tried by replacing font type or even mixed with English with bracketing the Hebrew text, the Hebrew text is still mis-placed and in reversed order. I still believe this is the problem on supporting the Right-To-Left language. I have no problem with English, Chinese, Japanese. I only have problem with Hebrew Text in the Text Filter.

What system are you running on? What is your system locale? Which version of Shotcut are you using. If the latest, which Text filter are you using?

It works for me with Text: Rich. In the screenshot below, the top part is the source player in Shotcut, the bottom part is from the exported video.