My finished video had parts that were choppy, this has never happened before

When I’m editing in shotcut, sometimes I’ll lag a bit when I have lots of filters and splits and stuff. When I export my video, it doesn’t have that choppiness. Recently, I turned off hardware encoding since it slowed down my render times drastically. Could this be the cause of my choppy video? Any help is appreciated.

It would be helpful for us if you describe your SC version and the exact export settings.

I’m installing the newest version now, I will see if that helps at all. If it doesn’t I’ll reply to this with exact export settings

“Choppiness” and “lag” while in the source player is expected if you are using a lot of filters, or few heavy-duty ones. It can be alleviated if you switch off the option “Realtime (frame dropping)”, but of course it then doesn’t play in real-time.

You could also use the technique described here:

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