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Is it possible to move a clip inside the timeline using the keyboard (instead the mouse)?


Not yet. But the next release will include a feature with keyboard shortcuts for nudging a clip

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Good to know! Thank you for your answer.

One more thing:

When we copy a clip and then pass it over another, always it cut the clip below and split it in two. Is it possiblble when we pass a clip over another it just make a fusion between then?

Thank you again.

Not sure I entirely understand the question. But we can’t combine two clips into one.

Clips can be merged, but only if it is undoing a split operation.

There is some discussion here:

Turn off Ripple All Tracks in the timeline toolbar. Also, you can move clips using the keyboard via cut (or lift), move cursor with keyboard, and paste (or overwrite).

Thank you for the answer.

To turn off the ripple was the very first thing I’d try, but doesn’t work, at all… :frowning: Any other tip will be apprecieted!


I will try to be more clear: in the timeline I have 2 clips, one after the other. If I drag with mouse the right clip over the left clip, perfect, it automatcaly makes a fusion. What I want is to make it using just the keyboard. I know I can’t drag a clip (inside the timeline) using keyboard’s shortcuts. Another option that I tryed was to cut the right clip, move the playhead over the left clip a few frames before the end of the clip and paste the right clip (witch is now in the transfer area). But, no matter what I do, it doesn’t make a fusion, it slplits the left clip e paste the right clip in between the (now) two parts of the left clip.

Is it more clear now?

Can you make a video capture showing this problem and post it here on the forum?

That is not available, and it is intentionally not going to work with the forthcoming nudging.

Ok, thank you.

Here goes the video.

You need to carefully place the playhead before doing paste or overwrite. Split is the correct behavior shown in your video. You can use keyboard shortcut Alt+Right or Left to seek between edit points on the timeline. It looks like you are learning still. Shotcut is not a clone of any single other product. Keep learning.

Well, I am trying to keep learning, that’s why I am asking things here. Is this the right place to learn? If not, if you can tell me where I can learn I will thank you.

And if it is the right place to learn, I still want to know: after I drag a clip over another, it makes a fusion. But after this if I drag back the over clip, it splits the part that is over the other. (as see in the beguining of the video.) How can I avoid it, and pull back the hole clip, including the part that was over the other?

Thank you.

What you called a “fusion” is a “Transition”
What you called a “split” is a “Blank”

The difference in terminology made the question unclear for me. The video clarified a lot. Thanks.

Delete the transition that you created and trim the two clips back to where they were. Or, in your very specific example, just “Edit Undo” to undo the last operation.

Thank you for your answer.

Undo is not an option, unless I wanna change just after do it. If a make a transition (thanx for correcting me) and then make other 50 edictions in the project, I will need to undo the 50 actions…

It is also not a very good option to delete the transition and then need to readjust the clip to its previous size. I mean, if the below clip just keeps its original size, I will not need to do nothing, just slide the above clip, as you can see I can do in the other program.

Any way, do you know if I can copy and paste a clip over another and it automatically makes a trasition?

Thank you again.

You can not. Transitions can only be made with a “move” or “trim” operation on a clip. Paste is always an “insert” operation.

It is a pity. I really liked the program, I felt it will fit perfectly what a need. But these issues really forbidden me to use it. First, I really don’t like to use a mouse when editing, it should have some shortcuts that I can use in order to do that simple and common thing, which is… move a clip. Second, it is a bit “scaring” to think if for some reason I will need to change, like, 20 transition I will need to readjust each one of the 40 clips, one by one. Plus, it’s odd a program that export EDL don’t have the option to import it. Really a pity. I hope in upcoming version you, the developers, maybe can have a second thought over all these.

Thank you for your attention and regards.

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