Mov animation makes shift the frame


I’m using a .mov file (a simple tap gesture animation) in a track on top of the original.
While the .mov track is running, the entire video frame is shifted by a few pixels to the left. The track height and width are smaller than the base video track size.

Any idea what the cause might be?
Thanks in advance.

Can you give specifics like:

  • Video Mode (click on Output, then Properties)
  • Source video properties (Click a clip, then Properties)
  • Filters used
  • Screenshot of your entire timeline
  • Shotcut version (Help - About Shotcut)
  • Using Proxies and/or Preview Scaling?

Is this in the exported video or are you seeing this in the preview?
If it an exported video, did you change any settings in Advanced?
If so, what did you change?

Also, when you say “the entire video frame is shifted”

Do you mean this ?

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