Montage video musique



Hi Arthium, Unfortunately, without having the source files, your file comes out blank with no sound :slightly_frowning_face:

If you want to share it here, you’ll need to export it as video and post it on a video sharing site. Thanks.


thank you :wink:


Works fine on my Android mobile Google chrome browser.


You’re looking at the edited post. arthium first posted the mlt project file only.


You should copy and past the link twice one right under the other so that we can see the web address to the video. On some browsers like Firefox the videos from streamable don’t show up on this message board for some reason.


Hi @arthium , I still can’t see your video ! There is a problem with viewing Streamable videos on this forum. See this thread:

If you paste the url of the video as a link, for example
I’ll be able to see it. Your post looks like this on my screen:

Hope this helps!